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Communication Channels Presentation Recently, we received a donation of a state-of-the-art resonance imaging machine from a local organization impressed with our stellar performance. It is the only machine of its kind in the area. As the project manager, my responsibility in this case includes educating members of staff on the use of the imaging machine. I will also be required to inform the public of the availability of this new technology.

Communication Channels to be Utilized

To increase my chances of success in this case, I will ensure that I select the most productive and effective communication channel. In seeking to train employees on how to utilize the new device, I will largely be relying on informal communication. This could be through scheduling meetings, organizing training sessions, or sending out memos. It is however important to note that although I will largely be relying on formal communication, my success will also be determined by how well I manage the grapevine. Failure to effectively manage informal communication could create uncertainty or confusion regarding the new device.

Communication Obstacles...


One of the said barriers in this case has got to do with language and perceptual differences. We operate in an interconnected world. For this reason, the audience -- i.e. members of staff and the public could be drawn from diverse cultures. People from different cultures have different ways of interpreting issues. This increases the likelihood of misunderstandings. Information overload is yet another communication obstacle that could arise in this particular case. For instance, supplying more information than is required about the new technology could lead to misinterpretation. The said information could also end up being overlooked or forgotten. An inappropriate organizational climate is the other communication barrier that could arise. For example, as Means (2009) points out, in a "closed" climate, the input of employees in regard to decision making is often ignored. This according to the author could lead to a situation whereby employees simply refuse to give suggestions or feedback. Feedback is an important component of effective communication and…

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