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¶ … communication chapter 3 Maximum Performance, describe develop enhance communication abilities skills future (15 marks). Part 2: EITHER: imagine brought a consultant offer advice communication processes business/organisation work ( worked recently).


The modern day business society is extremely dynamic and competitive. In the context of increasing forces of globalization, economic agents transcend boundaries and strengthen their competitive positions. This virtually means that the companies are presented with two different situations. For once, within the global community, they become able to access wider consumer markets and enhance their sales levels. On the other hand however, within the domestic community, they encounter increased competition as more foreign players enter the local market.

The business community as such becomes more and more competitive. But the complexities of the economic climate do not end with globalization, as these are enhanced by other elements as well. For instance, the demands of the customers exponentially increase when they are presented with multiple options. Then, the technological advancements allow the economic agents to operate in a more efficient manner, but they also create additional competition and require supplementary financial investments. To add to all these, economic agents face pressures from the changing political climate, the overall state of the economy or the changing behaviors of their staff members.

Most of these changes are derived by the external environment, with the companies having little power over them. Still, what the economic agents do is to research them and strive to adapt to them as best as they know how. In this multifaceted and intricate process of adaptation to the emergent challenges of the external and internal environments, communication plays an essential role.

Communication is important to motivating the employees, to engaging them in continuous change and development process. In other words, communication represents an essential component in the process of getting the employees to perform for the overall scope of the firm. But the role of communication within the context of economic agents expands beyond just the relationship with the staff members.

Communication is an indispensable tool in the relationship the company develops with all of its stakeholders -- such as customers, business partners, the general public, governmental and non-governmental agencies and so on. At the specific level of the customers, good communications can support the generation of loyal customers and repeat business, as they can also support the attraction of new customers.

Within this setting, a question is now being posed relative to the steps that should be taken by a small size economic agent at the level of its communication efforts, as part of its overall endeavor to promote its business interests. This question would be addressed throughout the following pages in the context of Andalina Software, a small size developer of software applications for tablet computers.

The first section provides details on the specifics of the company, and is then followed by the current features of the communication processes at Andalina Software. It is important to identify any potential shortages and address them throughout the proposed steps. Additionally, emphasis would be placed on the features to be addressed in terms of communication processes at the levels of various stakeholder categories within both internal and external environments. The final scope is that of improving internal and external communication so that it can be best used to maintain repeat business from current customers, and also to attract new clients.

Still, before being able to conduct such an analysis, it is necessary to first identify the individuals' most severe communication issues, and identify how to improve them in the future. Only by possessing this knowledge, would one be able to assess the communication stance within an organizational setting.

2. Personal improvement plan

In order to improve the communication skills in the future, the following steps would be implemented:

The individual would cultivate their ability to listen better

The individual should seek environments that promote active listening

Inquiring those around to understand their...


Unless they are able to listen to what they are being told, individuals, inducing managers, might make critical mistakes that would cost the business.

"At work, there are dozens of situations in which listening is critical, yet we typically think of talking when we think of relating to people and communication. When we are coaching, counseling, giving and/or receiving instructions or feedback, it is critical that we hear, listen and understand the speaker" (Forster, 2011).

Some people have an innate ability to listen, but this is a trait that can be developed in time as well. Some pin pointed steps to developing listening skills include the need to identify the main idea of what the interlocutor is saying. Then, it is useful to try and predict what they would say next and to draw interferences. In the end, it is useful to summarize what the interlocutor has said and retain the message they sent (National Capital Language Resource Center, 2004). All these steps would be further on implemented throughout communication processes so that my communication skills improve.

b) Active listening

In order to stimulate active listening, the first requirement is that for the parties engaged in the communication process to be interested in the topic discussed. In other words, I will strive to raise my own interest in a topic discussed. Also, additional success chances are created when the interlocutors enjoy discussing the respective subject and hearing what the other has to say about it.

Other commitments to promoting active listening include the following:

a) Paying attention to what the other is saying

b) Proving that one is listening through the usage of body language, such as occasional smiles, nods or the adjustment of posture

c) Providing feedback

d) Eliminating any judgment and preconceptions when discussing with others

e) Providing answers to the topics discussed and the questions posed in an honest and candid manner (Mind Tools).

c) Inquiring on other's opinions

Surveys are highly useful means of gathering the data considered of interest for a specific person or topic. They are straightforward and provide clear answers. Still, within the real life context, they are less useful than compared to the research community. Still, to gather information and knowledge on what the others think' feel / believe etc., I would be engaging in communications that center on them. I as such commit to listening better and to asking the interlocutors to share their own inputs on the subjects discussed.

d) Changing attitude towards communication

The positive attitude towards communication represents the most important component of a successful communication effort. In order to attain this, two commitments are forwarded at this stage.

First, within this era of the internet, I strive to only use emails when transmitting factual data, and commit to communicate face-to-face whenever possible. This virtually means that I would engage in communications within groups, but also with individuals.

Secondly, it is necessary for the individual to look at communications through the lenses of the interlocutors (Business Town, 2003). In other words, it is necessary for me to comprehend the technical arguments forwarded by the interlocutors and to respect their specialized opinion. I need to understand the overall context of the interlocutors, as well as the overall context of the situation discussed.

3. Andalina Software Ltd.

Andalina Software Limited was established in 2009 and its core activity is that of developing software applications to be used on tablet computers. The market for tablet computers is expanding rapidly and Andalina hopes to launch its own application that would be used by millions of consumers worldwide.

The application is a text reader to be used by students across universities of the globe. Its features include ability to read and reveal texts in a multitude of formats, book marking capabilities and highlighting features.

The company currently employs fifteen staff members, each developing specific tasks, as follows:

One manager in charge of supervising the operations in the office, placing most emphasis on technical activities. This manager is also the owner of the firm and the owner of the application being developed.

One office manager, mainly in charge with administrative issues, such as holidays, office supplies and so on Eight software engineers, divided into two groups: four software developers creating the application to be suitable for the Apple tablet; four software developers creating the application so that it is compatible with the Barnes and Nobles Nook.

Two testers, one testing the application on the Apple tablet and the other testing it on the Nook

Three ingestion staffs, in charge of arranging the books that would be sold with the application.

The emphasis at Andalina Software falls on efficiency -- including operational and cost efficiency. Since it is a…

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