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Other cable news channels and the broadcast news shows also offer infotainment. Like CNN, the content and points-of-view generally do not challenge and I have found that the mass media underestimates the intelligence level of the viewers so much so that content is "dumbed down."

However, some television news sources are able to break the mold. Comedy news spoof program the Daily Show makes fun of the media's faults while at the same time reporting key headlines with a sense of humor. Similarly, the late night comedians on major networks, including David Letterman, also add a humorous twist on current events but focus more on celebrity gossip. In fact, celebrity gossip seems to be one of the most popular subjects for discussion on television news shows. I have also noticed little variety in the type of advertisements available and since paying more attention to the media have been more keen to discover which target audiences the advertisers were looking for when they placed their ads.

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