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Communications skills test I took was from I scored a 33 on this test. This level says that I need to work on my communications skills (36 is the threshold for the next level up, and 75 is the maximum score). The assessment was further detailed on different elements of communication. On the element of planning the message, I scored 7 out of 15. The second element is encoding, where the score was 8 out of 25. This part of the assessment seems to contradict itself, however, so cannot be taken too seriously. The implication here is that I should have a clear, well-crafted message but that I would need to consider how the receiver will perceive the message. It is impossible to present a clear message when you are guessing at how the receiver will perceive the message. Clarity is not achieved through guesswork and then rambling to cover all the potential interpretations. Clarity is presenting a clear message. So this part of the assessment makes no sense at all.

Further, this section argues that charts and graphs help with communication. That is categorically untrue, which is why I don't use them. A person needs to be a visual person in order to get anything out of charts and graphs. Trying to convey an idea to me with a picture is useless. This is the author of the test putting their own preferences into the assessment.

For choosing the right channel I scored 5 out of 15, not exactly an inspiring score. The main complaint here is not considering what the appropriate channel for communicating might be. Granted, this might be true, but when one communicates most effectively in writing that is the most logical means by which to do it. The assessment argues that for emotional subjects it is better to do this face-to-face, which might work well for some people but other people do not handle strong emotional reactions well and need to keep their distance from such reactions.

For decoding I scored 13 out of 20, a rare passing score. This section of…

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