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Communicative Sexuality

Pineau's major shortcoming in her argument for communicative sexuality is that she seems to dispute the very thing she is trying to validate when she rallies against the law for requiring that the man knew she was not consenting, stating that this isn't enough. According to Pineau, even when a woman has sex without explicit protest or refusal, she many not have consented to it, and this situation should be considered rape. Also, Pineau seems to feel that communication must be only verbal as evidenced by her view of sexual teasing, a notion seeming to ignore the importance of non-verbal communication in sexuality and society in general.

Theoretically, Pineau is addressing her article to anyone that wants to learn about date rape and communicative sexuality, but in reality her views are so feminist that she will likely alienate most male readers and a large proportion of women. After reading her work, the reader is supposed to understand that an individual…

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