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Company Data Security

Company data/information security

The issue of information security is one controversial aspect that has led to thousands of legal battles between individuals and their respective companies each year. In the case study at hand, there is need to proceed with caution in order to ensure that the legal private limits of the former employee are not overstepped. As a Infosec specialist, I will first involve the immediate manager under whom Mr. Yourprop was working and make him aware that a search on the desk or work area of the employee is not illegal as this was a private firm as long as there were grounds for such a search and that the search was not accusative but rather a formality. I will obtain written permission from the management of the company to do the search and will ensure the former employee is notified of the search (Workplace Fairness, 2015). I will then have a catalogue to document the folders in the computer that I will search for information as well as the desktop areas and drawers that I will search. I will also document in


The desktop computer is the most likely location where the employee would be working on the product X and coming up with the source code for the product. This will hence give the original work and the codes that were developed within the company hence evidence that it is property of the company. The best way to document this would be through printing out the original codes as they are in the desktop. The laptop will possibly carry the copied data from the desktop that would provide evidence of possible movement of the data from the original company source where it should be at. This too will require a printout in order to show the generic form of the original data as was in the desktop. The hard disks on the desktop will need…

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