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SECURITY and PRIVACY - the following security and privacy requirements apply: The Office does not accept responsibility for the privacy, confidentiality or security of data or information not generated by this office or transmitted from external sources into the system. The Office does not accept responsibility for loss, corruption, misdirection or delays in transmission of personal data through the system. Users are responsible for the integrity of all data and all incidents that affect security must be reported to System administrator as quickly as possible. Users must protect the system data from all unauthorised access and they are responsible to ensure the system's data is properly backed up against the threat of loss, security threats, environmental hazards, corruption or destruction. No system equipment is allowed to be taken out of the office without proper authorization.

ELECTRONIC MAIL - messages will be kept as short and specific as practicable. Materials that can be transmitted by e-mail include: confirmation of arrangements and appointments, records and minutes of work related material; information received in digital form from external parties; administrative information. Material that can not be transmitted by e-mail include: sensitive data; solicitation of donations or subscriptions to political causes, inappropriate personal observation the office or system, employees or patients; advertising material; material of a private nature including private, commercial, political, religious or pornographic; any content that promotes discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, age, marital status, sex, political affiliation,


Responsible personal use is permitted provided it is in a reasonable fashion that is not detrimental to the office or the management. The office may be liable for the acts of an employee that are done in the course of employment, even if the act is unauthorized and contrary to office's policies regarding discrimination and harassment also applies to any e-mail communication. The general laws of copyright, privacy and freedom of information apply to e-mail communication and all users will be responsible for compliance with those laws.

COPYRIGHTED SOFTWARE - it is the responsibility of each employee to protect the office's interests as they perform their duties which entail a responsibility to assure that commercial software, acquired for the system is used only in accordance with licensing agreements. Users cannot make any illegal copies of copyrighted software with the exception of a single copy made for archival purposes. When licenses are for multiple users, the office cannot exceed the authorized number of copies. Licences, software manuals and procurement documentation will be stored in a secure location and can not be taken off the premises without authorization.

DUE CARE of SENSITIVE INFORMATION and PRIVACY - Special conditions apply where privacy and sensitive data are held within the system. Information will be classified to indicate the need, priorities and degree of protection and privacy. Private and sensitive data will be collected through a reliable mean and updated as necessary to ensure correctness. Users are responsible to ensure protection of the privacy and integrity of the workstations and the physical security of their work area as well as ensuring that accounts are not left open or unlocked

BREACH of POLICY - Any user or person in breach of this policy may result in action taken in accordance with the policy including administrative account amendment, disabled account, full termination or external legal actions as needed. The user can be made liable to pay to make good on any damage.

EXCEPTIONS - From time to time, there may be some instances where an exception to these policies is required. All exception requests must…

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