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Handel's Messiah was composed in 1741. The musical period is baroque.

An oratorio is a large musical work that includes an orchestra, choir, soloists, and staging. Operas are musical theater and oratorios are exclusively concert or musical only pieces.

An aria is a melody or musical piece that is made exclusively for one voice and there is orchestral accompaniment. Arias are most commonly found in operas.

There is a kind of call and response between the lyrics and the music in Ev'ry Valley. The singer guides the music and the instruments complement and mimic what the singer does with his voice. Handel was probably considering rhythm, structure, and movement when
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considering the lyrics.

The texture of the refrain of the Hallelujah chorus is strong. The texture is rich and vibrant. The syllables hang in the air, especially the "ha," yet there is a definite swiftness and movement to the chorus, as exampled by the rest of the syllables. Hallelujah is a word of praise and an exalted word in religious contexts. It is a word that is said with emotion and energy; therefore, there should be all the more energy to this word when it is set to music and put in the mouths of singers.

6. The texture is still rich in the part, "he shall reign forever and ever." The tone is more serious and darker. There is still energy. There…

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