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¶ … components that make up the organization of the WBS.

The purposes of a WBS is to clearly organize and simplify complex tasks necessary for a project's completion. The following are the components that comprise a WBS. First, there is the code of accounts that are used for defining numerical identifiers for each item in the WBS (Brown, Hyer, 2010).This is a critical component as it identifies where each task is in the hierarchy of the overall QWBAS hierarchy. Second, there are work packages, which are the lowest-level items and divide a project into workable units. The work packages are used for showing the division of labor in a project (Brown, Hyer, 2010). One of the most critical part of any WBS in the WBS dictionary that explains the nature of the work to be done (Brown, Hyer, 2010). The WBS Dictionary becomes the hierarchical definition of the project in graph form and also communications what each phase and sub-phase of the project is. WBS Dictionaries are also used for defining staff assignments or resource loading, cost budgets and schedule dates. Often WBS Dictionaries are used in larger projects as a taxonomy to define the broader scope and integration of a project from a process workflow perspective (Brown, Hyer, 2010).

What are resource requirements? Develop a project name and a list of potential resource requirements for the project.

Resource requirements are the time, materials and assets used for completing a project. Resource requirements are often defined as the deliverables produced during specific phases of a project as well, often being data or asset-based (Brown, Hyer, 2010). An example project...


The resource requirements to accomplish this include the software engineers who specialize in installation, project manager to oversee its installation and roll out to the entire company, the sales and marketing teams who primarily use the system, and the testing and quality assurance teams responsible for making sure the software works correctly.

Additional resource requirements include the PCs, laptops, and smartphones and tablets the company will use to test the new CRM system and troubleshoot it. The network itself is a resource requirement, and given the fact that many CRM systems are cloud-based, the Internet connections and a portion of the router and network topology is also a resource requirement. From this example it can be seen that for any project to succeed there must be availability of resources that are accessible and capable of being scheduled to ensure a project's success.

Why is it important to have the project team members become involved in the development of the WBS? Provide an example (from your personal experience or otherwise)…

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Brown, K., & Hyer, N. (2010). Managing projects: A team-based approach ([International Ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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