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Computers on Traditional Writing," by Sharmila Pixy Ferris. Specifically, it will summarize the article, and comment on how it pertains to the overall topic of computers and culture.

Computers and Writing

This article suggests that the ability to write "distinguishes the human race," (Ferris), and that computers have changed how we record and remember our writing. The article first gives a short history of some of the most important innovations in writing and cognitive thought, and then goes on to specifically study writing on the World Wide Web, and how computers have changed the way we write for online needs.

Computers and technology have altered the way we live our modern lives, and the use of online communication is one area that has developed and changed rapidly. This ability to communicate online through email, instant messaging, and web pages brings a sense of immediacy to our lives. We expect instant gratification, instant communication, and instant fixes to our problems, and the Internet has only added to this need for instantaneous communication. As we constantly search for faster and better ways to complete projects and add to…

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Ferris, Sharmila Pixy. "The Effects of Computers on Traditional Writing." University of Michigan Press. August 2002. 29 Oct. 2003.

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