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...Good patient care is illustrated by being caring and thoughtful. It is important to also use a correct nursing care plan, and safe nursing techniques. This includes not only infection control, hand-washing and correct skills, but up-to-date procedures and knowledge.

A a) Quote part of the above statement in a sentence.

Effective nurses are both "caring and thoughtful" in their approach with patients.

A b) Paraphrase the above statement in a sentence.

Effective nurses practice proper patient care, including good hygiene, mastery of new medical procedures, efficient case management, and treating patients with kindness.

19.Why is it important to edit and re-read your assignment before submitting?

Editing and re-reading ensures that any errors will be discovered and corrected before the assignment is submitted.

20.Explain the follwing terms:

Qualitative research refers to observations, interviews, case studies, and other non-quantifiable data.

Quantitative research refers to quantifiable or measurable data that can be translated into statistics.

Sample refers to the population participating in a given study.

Validity refers to how well the study was designed and whether the results can be trusted.

Theory relates to the perspective on which the research hypothesis was based; the belief that guided the research.

Data analysis refers to the process of reviewing the results of a study and drawing conclusions from those results.

Creative thinking involves brainstorming and other means of coming up with novel solutions to difficult problems

Critical thinking involves being aware of biases in research or in faulty logic.

Problem solving is a core component of any profession and involves using all the tools at our disposal to discover solutions.

21.List the 5 steps of the nursing process and give a brief explanation of what happens in each.

Steps of the nursing process include the following:

Assess: determine what problem(s) or symptom(s) the patient is experiencing

Diagnose: drawing conclusions from the symptoms to come up with a probable medical cause

Plan: Develop a
25. What is a:

a)'Flow chart': documents a single patient's treatment plan and how he or she responds.

A b)'Clinical pathway' refers to a group of patients with similar concerns, to cull patterns in treatment.


John is a 12-year-old boy who presents with a painful right forearm after falling off his skateboard. His arm is bent in an unusual way, his finger-nail beds are dusky, but the pulse in his arm is strong. His fingers are warm to touch. John has limited movement in his fingers, and grimaces when asked to move or do tasks. He is with his
mother who appears calm and supportive.

John also has some minor grazes on both knees.

You are asked to perform observation for John, plus apply a splint and bandage to his arm (N). You need to assist him out of his clothes so the doctors can admit him.

The doctors examine John. They order some analgesia and an x-ray that confirms he has a fractured radius and ulna.

1. In the case study above, a) Underline all the elements of assessment mentioned.

A b) Identify which ones are nursing assessments. All except the doctor's assessments are nursing assessments.

2.Highlight or mark with an N. any nursing care actions/interventions.


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