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Yet when we would go shopping the pressure has becoming more and more intense to spend thousands of dollars to redecorate the entire condo. I questioned the use of our credit for that if we were planning to start a family immediately after getting married. The conflict escalated until we had a major argument on the way back from furniture shopping one night, with my position being that if she wanted all this new furniture she would have to keep working to pay for it. She could not stop working and also get the furniture; besides we had not even talked about furnishing a baby's room and all those expenses. My point was simple: if we spend more we will have to work more hours, even more jobs...


To take on even more expenses and give up a salary now would be crazy, I insisted. In order to resolve the conflict, I proposed that we set some savings goals instead and once we had enough to buy a house, which is our main dream, then we could start to think about her staying home. I said that with two incomes and no kids we were in the prefect position to get into a home at a decent interest rate and put 10% down. I did not want to go with an adjustable loan as they were unpredictable from one year to the next, and I didn't want to go with a no-down loan as that would be incredibly expensive. Instead of fighting about furniture we started looking for ways to save money

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