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Conflict Resolution Mean to Me?

Broadly defined conflict resolution is when a plan is placed into action in order to resolve and settle issues within an organization or a team. As such the implementing person assumes a neutral or impartial stance in attempting to resolve an issue or issues. In today's business world a great amount of focus is being placed on having employees work as a team to produce new ideas, equitably distribute job responsibilities among the larger group, and most importantly create a unified front and camaraderie. Unfortunately, however, along with advantages there are always accompanying disadvantages. Wherever there are teams, there is a chance for conflict and conflict is almost guaranteed. As long as individual team members possess the ability to think independently, there will always be a difference of opinion and as such conflict can be difficult to resolve. However, there are many resolutions that can prove to be effective when used properly and ones that can have a significant affect on any team setting.

Although many individuals and organizations view conflict as a negative counter-productive, and one that should be avoided, conflict is a natural result of people working together. Without conflict, complacency in teams, and individual stagnation can occur. As a result the development of the team and/or individual team member can be seriously impeded. It is, therefore, extremely important to the livelihood of a team for the team members to be able use conflict resolutions or reach out to another individual who has conflict resolution skills.


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