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Conflicts Within the Work Environment

Police Officers are public servants to society. Similar to fire fighters, teachers, and to a certain extent, congressmen, they take pride in serving others. It is by this mandate that officers have both a duty and obligation to defend all residents within their given jurisdiction. This honor is not without its tribulations as many questionable activities are conducted within the daily activities of an officer (1). Prior to my admittance to the University of Phoenix, I have experienced many work place dilemmas in my many years with the police department. These dilemmas, without question, tested my fortitude and emotional intelligence as an officer. Further, these tribulations helped to create a stronger more adept individual in regards to value conflicts and its subsequent mitigation.

First, I believe it prudent to discuss the implications of value conflicts within the work environment before I divulge my personal experiences. This brief overview will provide a solid foundation in which to build upon my own personal experiences within the context of the police department. I first will begin by stating that conflict within the work environment, contrary to popular inclination, is beneficial for all parties involved (2). Conflict provides an arena for all parties involved to discuss their grievances in an advantageous manner. These conflicts usually result in solutions that were not originally considered on the part of management. In particular, the police department has a unique composition in regards to race, ethnicity, culture, and backgrounds. As such, each officer provides a unique perspective to various problems the police department faces. In many instances, these solutions or methods to making processes more efficient, helps foster a more team oriented environment. The law enforcement profession is predicated on the concept of teamwork. Thus conflict in the context of team helps not only provide solutions, but a closer bond between team members. For one, each member has a more profound knowledge of how the other officer thinks and operates. This knowledge can be invaluable during periods of extreme pressure. For example, through minor conflict, I am more adept at identifying certain individuals for certain situations. The individual that is more attentive to the details of the profession might be able to better clarify ambiguous regulations or mandates. Likewise, the individual who is more head strong would not be an individual that I would ask for clarification on regulations but instead on aspects of weapons training or combat technique. This knowledge of individual values and strengths may not have otherwise been apparent if it weren't for the conflict embedded within the profession. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most well-known civil rights activists in history once remarked, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands during times of comfort, but during times of conflict and controversy." This is no more apparent in the law enforcement profession as conflict can display the measure of any man.

It is when this conflict broods or cultivates a culture of resentment, that it can be a detriment to the overall business organization. Likewise, it is when the motivations for certain conflicts are questionable (such is the case with my experience) that the encounter actually becomes burdensome to the entire organization. In these situations, conflict actually harms the organization it was intended to help. My experience, in retrospect was one that harmed the overall organization.

To begin, I was employed as a police officer with XYZ Police Department for many years under several different…

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