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Consumer Behavior: Samsung Curved Smart TV Product Samsung is regarded as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the Information Technology industry because of its production of high-quality technological products that are affordable to many customers across the globe, especially in developing countries. The company has achieved tremendous success through the production of diverse technological products based on market needs and consumer demand. As part of its objective of maintaining its dominance in the IT industry and market, the company launched curved smart TV product for its premium market. The introduction of this product was fueled by its innovative practices and goals as well as the steady growth of its premium market in various market segments across the globe. Moreover, the introduction of the new curved smart TV product by Samsung was driven by the current trend of curved televisions. The ability of Samsung to achieve its objective of ensuring curved smart TV is a mass product with a niche market in the premium segment depends on consumer behavior towards the product.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior can be described as the process of decision-making and physical activity that people engage in when assessing, obtaining, using or disposing some goods and/or services. In essence, consumer behavior entails a psychological or mental process and physical activity that influences a consumer's decision to buy certain goods and/or services. This implies that the real buying process is one of the steps in a range of psychological and physical activities that take place within a specific period of time. However, some of these mental and physical activities take place before the buying itself whereas others follow the actual buying process. Regardless of when they occur, the mental and physical activities are regarded as part of consumer behavior because of their ability to influence the


When launching the curved smart TV for its premium market segment, Samsung examined consumer behavior in order to identify better means for satisfying consumers by developing an appropriate marketing mix that meet the needs and requirements of customers. Through consumer behavior, the company obtained competitive advantages over its main rivals in this industry because the product is marketed using the most suitable marketing mix that meet consumers' needs and requirements. There are several aspects related to consumer behavior regarding Samsung curved smart TV including Decision-making

Generally, Samsung's current approach in launching the curved smart TV is influenced by the growth of its premium consumer electronics and mass segment by 39% and 23% respectively (The Jakarta Post par, 9). Based on the current trend of curved televisions, curved UHD TVs incorporates a format with an aspect ratio of a minimum of 16:9 and a digital input with the capacity of carrying and displaying native video at a resolution of at least 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. The company's launch of the curved smart TV is also driven by its focus on design and ergonomics of its electronic products, especially televisions.

One of the major aspects of this electronic device that plays a key role in consumer behavior is the product design. Consumers' decision-making processes are largely influenced by the design of the product, which in turn generates individual and household influences. The curved television series including the curved smart TV was launched with the goal of aligning the product with individual and household aspects of interior design and spatial presence. The product design influences consumers' decision-making regarding purchases since customers no longer…

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