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¶ … Contexts for Managing Depression and its Stigma among Black West Indian Canadian Women

This qualitative study by Schreiber, Noerager, and Wilson (1998) was conducted to ascertain the depression experiences of black West Indian women living in Canada in order to inform clinical practice (p. 511). The authors note there is a lack of research to assist nurses and other healthcare providers in knowing how to meet the specific needs women from non-dominant cultural backgrounds. The purpose of this study was to expand awareness of how matters of race and



Data Collection Methods

Data was gathered using Grounded Theory as the chosen method of collection. Grounded theory is a research method that enables the researcher to simultaneously collect, code, and analyze data. Data collection took place in a large urban center in southern Ontario, Canada. A series of interviews with 12 Black West Indian women lasting approximately one hour were taped and transcribed at a later date. Each participant was interviewed from one to four times. Each participant received a transcribed copy of the interview to ensure accuracy.

Analysis of data was achieved through repeated reading of transcribed interviews and listening to tapes. Data from interviews was examined to discover categories or abstractions. The categories generated led to further focused data collection from participants to confirm and expand emerging categories. These categories were then coded and checked against data collected. Data was collected until no new information was forthcoming (p. 512).

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Schreiber, R., Noerager, S., & Wilson, C. (1998). The contexts for managing depression and its stigma among black Weat Indian Canadian women. Journal of advanced nursing, 27, 510-517.

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