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Application to Nursing School

One of the main reasons I decided to pursue a career in nursing is my longstanding goal to help others. Over the years, I considered other helping career choices that could further this goal, but I always returned to the nursing profession as being the best personal choice for my future life plans. A major factor in making this choice was the fact that several members of my immediate family and family friends were nurses who consistently encouraged me to become a nurse and reassured me that I possessed the right stuff to become a caring professional. During my college and subsequent nursing school pursuits, the smoldering interest that I had in becoming a nurse caught fire and I became convinced that a career in nursing was the correct choice for me. Not only did I possess the right stuff according to others, I also came to realize that many of my personal attributes such as a strong sense of empathy, self-efficacy and interpersonal communication skills, were especially appropriate for excelling in the professional nursing field.

This early commitment to a career in the nursing profession has been reinforced time and again after providing the patient care that not only helped individuals get better,…as my abilities to develop a fuller understanding concerning how to project the sense of professional confidence that is needed to reassure scared and anxious patients. In addition, I am confident that I can contribute to the nursing profession by keeping abreast of current best evidence-based practices and advances in health care-related technologies that will have an impact on the nursing profession in the future. Finally, I believe that my passion for helping others will translate into a lifelong career of service where I can make a real difference in the quality of other peoples lives which will in turn substantively improve the quality of…

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