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Corporate Leadership


The late Steve Jobs was a pioneer and leader in technology and in leadership. He has been praised as being one of the best leaders during the 21st century (2005) by Forbes. The paper will discuss concepts of strong and good leadership as well as how Steve Jobs' performance as leader of Apple, Inc. coincided with these criteria.

It is no secret that Apple is one of the most prominent companies in its industry with a strong international presence. Apple technology has influence global culture and the global economy. There were periods during the company's existence where Jobs was not the leader, but the company saw some of its most dramatic growth and profit under his leadership until his recent passing. One trait of a strong leader that Jobs had that he commanded and engaged groups well. He knew how to speak effectively in front of others and to get them excited about an object or a topic. Strong leaders must know how to captivate a group, large or small. Jobs is known for a number of important speeches he gave during his tenure as CEO.

Part of his presentation style was to treat the unveiling of new products and new technologies as red carpet events. This contributed to the feelings of excitement and anticipation in the audience, but it also did something much greater. By treating new technology as a red carpet event, Jobs contributed to the change in how cultures perceive technology, at least American culture. By traditional or average standards, Steve Jobs is a nerd -- not someone who was most popular in high school. This man with knowledge that a very limited of people on earth possess and could compete with was able to engage so many different kinds of people and change their perceptions about technology. When Apple unveiled a new product, it was a big deal. The press attended. It was on television and in the newspapers. People fought to try to get in to hear him speak. Audiences cheer and stand at the conclusion of his speeches. He is a strong speaker and used his intellect to stimulate the intellect and excitement in others. People automatically get excited for red carpet events, whether it's a chic new club,…

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