Counseling-Children Overprotective Parenting It Is Research Paper

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They do not believe in the capability of the growing child to make his or her own decisions. In short, instead of parenting and mothering, they are smothering the child. As children grow up, this fear-centered thinking is imbibed into their personality, making them equally afraid of certain things and experiences. They grow up to be socially incompetent and immature individuals who do not know what to do without their parents and who always fear new experiences.

Letting Go

In this changing world, parents have to adapt their parenting style in order to raise children who can be globally competitive. We do not want them to be labelled as wimps, right? Encouraging our children to experience new things and explore their world is a smart parenting style. Yes, we have the authority over them and we need to establish boundaries, but these limitations should not include all activities that have the potential to harm them. Yes, we are responsible for our children, but they should also realize that they will be equally responsible for their lives as well. We cannot make all decisions for our children. They have to be given the independence to explore their options and make smart choices. Yes, we are afraid of what might happen to them once we let go, but we have to find other ways to express our fears. We do not want to children who are afraid to go out to the world because we raised them to be fearful. We want them to be confident and to have the skills, ability and emotional intelligence to make their own friends and life decisions. In the end, we will realize that we have raised them well if they become citizens who are competitive, independent and rational individuals who are not afraid to grasp what life has to offer…

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