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Why do you think the preventative therapy approaches have not reduced the divorce rate?

There are several reasons for the overall ineffective nature of preventative therapies when attempting to decrease the divorce rate. Primarily there are the inherent biases that exist in a therapy session, such as hypothesis conformation bias where the interviewer may seek to elicit responses that confirm his or her hypothesis. There are also self-fulfilling prophecies that cause the client to alter thoughts or actions to align with the expectations of the interviewer. Many clients are also not as motivated as others and this may lead them to provide inaccurate or false responses. All of these issues may contribute to the therapy being less effective than it could be.

2.Describe one of the approaches to marriage/couple therapy discussed in chapter 8?

Integrative behavioral couple therapy consists of two...
...During the first phase the interviewer will attempt to discover why the couple has sought therapy and obtain a brief history of the relationship. The couple actively participates in the feedback during this phase. Once the couple has agreed that the chosen therapy seems right for them, the treatment phase will actively begin. This phase will involve the therapist opening up lines of communication and teaching the couple alternate ways of interacting.

3.How infidelity and divorce addressed by marriage/family therapist?

The approach used by the therapist depends upon the specific therapy approach that has been chosen. However, regardless of the approach the basic methods still include clarifying and examining the issues that led to the affair and then addressing the problems that are uncovered. The therapist must refrain from judging the person who has had an affair or is considering divorce and must also not sway the couple in either direction. Honesty and the avoidance of secrecy must be…

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