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Blacks in Government (BIG) and USAA Bank

Blacks In government was founded in 1975. Its incorporation at the Public Health Services was done in 1976 by a group of African-Americans. The establishment of the organization was identified as pertinent to the Black civil service. The primary reason behind its founding is the extensive assortment of various racially steered challenges by the black employees in Rockville. In this case, its area of interest is the provision of a national response to the needs of African-American in public service. It is organized around issues of mutual concern and using its collective strength to deal with workplace and community issues (Frantz, 2005).

Besides, the company's mission statement is "enable present and future Black employees in local, state, and federal governments to possess the ability to maximize their career opportunities and provide a mechanism for inclusion, growth and advocacy." Conversely, the values statement is "promotion of equity in all aspects of American life, Excellence in public service and opportunity for all Americans." The main headquarters are located at 3005 Georgia Avenue, NW in Washington. Some of the major BIG branch offices are located in Boston, Brooklyn,...


It is worth identifying that cooperation, networking, construction of alliances is one of the primary funding sources for the company. It is through corporate sponsorship that the company has been able to execute its various activities (Shim 2010). Some of the major sponsors that support BIG include Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, GEICO, Tully Rinckey PLLC and many others.

It is evident that the BIG organization faces serious challenges that contribute to the inefficiencies in its operations. For instance, some federals and organizations oppose it because it is "Black"-based. The most recent one was the Senate Government Affairs Civil Service on the Federal Employee Fairness Act. The organization testified before the Congress that there was no minority representation in the Federal Senior Executive Service. The action was an initiative from the management to clear the organization's name from any wrongdoing.

For-profit Organization USAA Bank

The USAA is a Fortune 500 company located in Texas. It offers diversified financial services and reciprocal exchange of inter-insurance together with its other subsidiaries. The subsidiaries provide banking, investing, and insurance to the public serving the U.S. military. Several members of the U.S. Army established the association in 1922. Its establishment was facilitated by the…

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