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Flexibility, adaptability, and a global mindset cause my organization to behave in a responsive rather than hierarchical fashion. These organizational values conspire to create an organizational culture that respects education, values protocol and is detail-oriented, yet is not such a slave to the rules that it loses sight of human beings. After all, if the rules were absolute, there would not be different government laws and bylaws, depending on the country one is sealing with. The services I perform require communication is with diverse doctors from an ever-increasingly wide range of nations, including South Africa, India, British Columbia, Iran, Iraq, China, Cuba, and Segal. Each one of these governments, organizations, and educational systems differs from the United States' own, yet all nations and national must be respected so that the place I work for realizes its goals of improving health care and education across borders.

Organizational learning for Credentials Specialists such as myself thus takes place on almost a daily basis. To perform my job I must set about acquiring knowledge and utilizing information to adapt successfully to changing circumstances, as must most of my colleagues. I consider myself lucky to be part of an organizational culture that values and requires tolerance of cultural and personal diversity and requires good communication skills as essential to do business. Valuing education and tolerance spills over into the organizational values and relations of the workforce, into
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the staff's dealings with one another, even outside of purely work related matters. The constant exposure to the ways of other nations, and the diverse but very real competencies of other doctors in other environments and ways of conceptualizing medicine is always informative, and humbling, and encourages the organization as a whole to see itself as part of a world community, rather than an enclosed culture of narrow values and assumptions.

An enthusiasm for one's organizational goals and tasks, and a feeling of a positive and inclusive, yet not enclosed organizational culture is the ideal environment. I am proud to be part of such a place of positively shared actions, values, and beliefs that have developed within the organization and guided the behavior of its members. Being part of a global workplace is not simply healthy for profits; it is healthy for the soul when one comes to work. Also, the knowledge that the management respects its employees by extending a full range of medical benefits to employees and staff increases the incentive for the staff to behave efficiently and relate to customers with grace and efficacy. We are always professional, yet net never impersonal, we are committed to specific goals, yet not culturally biased, and although work may be stressful, it is a productive form of stress to complete a task, not because of unhealthy conflicts of personality.

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