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Criminal Justice


Whether one is a survivor of violent crime or dealing with financial crime victimization, it is vital to recognize that all victims experience some type of loss. While there are different kinds of losses, each can be intense, depending upon the viewpoint of victims and survivors (Victims of Crime Overview, 2012). There appear to be two different views on how victims should deal with being a victim of a crime. One view says that victims of crime should rely on the criminal justice system in order to deal with their victimization while the other view says that victims of crime should rely upon private support and insurance payments to deal with their victimization.

Those who believe that the criminal justice system should contribute to helping victims believe that helping the victim to cope is the responsibility of all of society. Law enforcement agencies, courts, and correctional and human service systems have come to realize that due process and human rights exist not only for the criminal defendant but also for the victim of criminal behavior and because of this many communities have set up victim assistance programs. The goal of these programs is to assist victims in dealing with emotional trauma, participating in the criminal justice process, obtaining reparation and coping with problems associated with the victimization (Handbook on Justice for Victims, 1999).

The provision of assistance to individual victims from these programs usually includes formal victim services and compensation and restitution from both governmental and non-governmental sources. Outreach programs should be developed for victims who require increased attention in a specific jurisdiction. Support services should be available during work hours daily. However, a more comprehensive program should have all services available 24 hours a day, where this is appropriate and feasible. Such services should be provided by telephone, through on scene response, home visitor walk-in services. Often the bulk of programs are established in large population areas, thus, outlying towns are…

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