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However, the increased use of CT scans in more of less careless and ill-advised practices will raise the concern of the effects it has on the health of the general public. It is therefore critical that the public is made aware of the associated risks and necessary education is conducted. The voice of all radiologists, clinicians, and technicians should advocate for the safe use of CT scans for both children and adults.

One issue that is crucial and needs to be addressed is CT radiation dose optimization and this should be addressed by both manufacturers and CT scanners by advocating for the balance between the benefits a patients derives from accurate CT scans against the risks involved. At all times the benefits derived should far much outweigh the risks involved when carrying out a CT scan on a patient. Consistent strategies for limiting patient radiation dose should be adopted by radiologists with the assistance of the medical physicists. On the other hand, the manufacturers should work towards improving CT technology to the level that will offer adequate diagnostic image quality and at the same time reduce the radiation dose.


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