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CVS HR Management

The business of CVS is to provide products and health services with a vision that "strives to improve the quality of human life" (CVScaremark, 2011). Taking a look at two of the organization's strategic goals of the Human Resource business areas Training, Recruiting, Selection, and Technology it is easy to see how CVS is an industry leader.

CVS recognizes the importance of establishing a culture that will have an affect on its people and their performance. The organizational development functional management at CVS realized that sharing a common vision would assist each individual in understanding what the company stands for, commit to the same vision, and then work toward supporting the mission each and every day.

The target market are communities with consumers in major urban cities across America. In these communities is a pool of employable workers as well as many cities have government programs to facilitate jobs. The CVS sustainable competitive advantage is centered in providing superior training to their employees and partnerships with government programs.

II. HRM Function: CVS Technology

The management at CVS has attempted to improve customer service by implementing several technological solutions. Currently the call center has recently brought on board a Voice interaction response system across all customer service platforms to accept incoming customer calls. Management added a voice response system to dial out to customers informing them of the status of their pharmaceutical orders. For online requests from customers there are email auto-response handlers. Each of these customer service response systems acts independently and often results in customer complaints of poor service with many customers needs left unmet and others being lost in the process. At CVS this was unacceptable and management was charged with devising an organized approach to meeting the needs of customers that presents a single solution to handle all aspects of customer service issues (Thies, 2010). The reporting generated by the different systems failed to give an accurate picture of the volume and type of service necessary to improve customer satisfaction. Because the systems were different they did not provide the data required to make informed decisions of how to improve matters. The number of customer service workers hired to service customers had high turnover due to the stress associated with meeting the customer needs. Training was not provided in a consistent manner to new and existing employees as there was no formal training available.

It was clear to leadership at CVS that the traditional organizational structure of multiple systems to meet individual managerial functionality was an inefficient and unsatisfactory manner to resolve the customer service issues. They decided to implement a single technological system to handle all customer service issues in an integrated delivery support system.

III. HRM function: Customer Service Technology

The solution was a vendor that has developed a single application with a unified approach to handle multiple customer service functions. The product has integrated the administrative, training, delivery, task flow and reporting functions. It also handles Internet, phones, email, and fax customer requests under one technological platform, Aspect. CVS is now able to consolidate customer service functions while providing an efficient service delivery application (Thies, 2010).

Achieving Optimal Results - Technology

The result…

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