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Cyber Crimes

The available and accessible features of 21st century make it hard for any individual to think about a life without technology. In real, the world has crossed several stages and eras devoid of the cyber world. Despite this truth, imagining life without technology is a difficult task today. This is because communication between countries of the two opposite poles has now become easy; it's merely like being in touch with the next door neighbor. The cyber world and the age of technology revolve around the idea of connecting with the world, inventions and scientific advancement. Although, a life without technology would be a nightmare because of the benefits it has brought to the world, the negative consequences attached with it actually make life more difficult.

The cyber world is an example of the technological progress. It is all about the virtual world where at many places, computer have replaced human labor. It has made the world computerized as it is being used from places like hospital to monitor patients to universities for their entry tests and grading policies. Similarly, it is not a way to gain access to the worldwide happenings and interact with people on the other end of the globe, but it has given mankind freedom to raise their voice, establish business relationships and regulate systems.

The cyber world is a distinctive feature of the modern world where it marks the progress and development of human race. Computers have brought a revolution. This is because of the transformations it has brought in the lives of every individual as it is seen to dictate and benefit the several different aspects of human life. The cyber world is seen to govern the corporate, government, military, scientific and every other sector of the society. Hence, it has become the need of time. This need is merely attributed to the achievements of technology; the quick pace, ease and ability to make things happen with a single click.

As a matter of fact, mentioning the advantages that technology and computers have brought for the world, would require closer analysis of each and every corner of the globe and consequently become a tedious job. This is because of the impact that the cyber world has made on the lives of every individuals ranging from scientists to businessman, from doctors to a student. Despite these attributes that are closely associated with technology and computers, the apparently flawless cyber world comes with a number of eye opening and dangerous disadvantages. In this regard, basic facts such as the hazards of a nuclear bomb, X-ray and microwave ovens is no longer an alien concept for anyone. For this reason, this paper would rather lay greater emphasis on the cyber and technology crimes which is amongst one of the most dangerous discrepancy of the cyber world.

Cyber crime or computer related crime can be understood in three different ways; targeting or attacking a computer, considering computer as a weapon to commit a crime such as fraud or any other illegal activity and using computer to store information that is illegal or/and stolen. These crimes are always associated with the cyber world. This paper would look into some of the serious effects of the cyber and technology crime.


Internet Scam

Internet scam and fraud is one of the most popular consequences of the cyber world. Cyber crime is gradually becoming a social problem as it is targeting the masses. This is seen by the impact of internet advertising and how people are being fooled because of it. The boom of internet has opened a gateway for the scam artists who are using it for bogus promotions, lotteries and other opportunistic schemes which rather appear to be deceptive. The consumers are fooled through these scams and are often seen to share their financial details over the internet. As a result, these people often lose huge amount of money simply on the basis of attractive and affordable advertisements.

Research: Theories and Statistics

Internet scam is common feature of the World Wide Web. Its basic aim is to collect money from the world. According to Holmes (2006), the basis of internet fraud was laid in 2005 where the consumers were seen to lose almost $14 million. This information was verified by the National Fraud information system. Internet scam is seen to spread via email threads where sellers not only email consumers to sell their products but people are often exploited on the basis of lottery seams. Upon receiving such emails, individuals often inquire at the given number where they are then asked to wire certain amount.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center's, there was an increase of approximately 33% in internet fraud complaints over a period of one year; i.e. from 2007 to 2008. Amongst these, the greatest share of complaints was in the category of non-delivery (32.9%) followed by auction fraud (25.5%) and the debit/credit card fraud (9%). Furthermore, the average loss per complaint also varied from one type to the other. For instance, the average amount lost over the complaint of check fraud accounted for the highest number ($3,000) whereas the Nigerian fraud letter contributed to a loss of $1,650. These statistics obtained by IC3 also point out at the increase in the amount being lost because of internet fraud every year thereby focusing upon how big the problem is (Internet Crime Complaint Center, 2011).

Despite the fact that all internet scams and frauds have a similar motive; to earn money, there are a number of ways to achieve this. Apart from the above mentioned ways, Murray (2004) also points out a number of ways in which the public can be fooled. He talks about the flashy websites and attractive emails which often reveal fake opportunities for individuals. The online investment scam is popular where the businessman and stockbrokers find a way to earn millions. In this way, these people gain access to several investors who ultimately end up raising the stock prices. The promoters who are behind these online investment scams are either the shareowners or the ones who are getting huge bonuses for these schemes. Similarly, in addition to the variety of scams, the 419 scam is regarded as one of the most popular scams of all times. This scam talks about a huge amount of fake money and is commonly referred as the inheritance and the lottery scam. The reality of this scam revolves around a death of rich man. Following the death, the scammer pretends to be a kin of the deceased. This makes him eligible to have a share of the inherited amount. Consequently, he demands a money transfer. This automatically paves a route to earn the initial legal fees. Upon receiving the money, the scammer vanishes leaving the rightful owners bare-handed.

Hence, the speed, ease and the accessibility of the internet enables the stock prices to go up by 4 to 8 times. In this way, trapping people and making them invest even a small amount would end up in great profits for people involved in this.

In a similar manner, another example of internet scam as proposed by Holmes (2006) is ransom ware. This is a new technique of seaming whereby which the stammers take control of any computer by hacking it. In this way, they encrypt the computer system and then ask for a ransom amount in order to give the victim the decryption key.

In real, every man has the likely chance of being a victim of the seam. In theory, the description of the different types of internet scams and frauds make the crime appear to be simple and a matter of little concern. However, in actual it leaves a dangerous and disruptive mark of loss on the lives of people who have been victimized. Therefore, the cyber world is not only a place to be benefitted from. It comes with a number of hazards and disastrous results which can neither be negated nor ignored. Thus, internet fraud and internet scam is all because of the cyber crime. These scams are regulated via the internet in a number of different forms; all through attractive and revealing message threads. Their ultimate aim is to fool the individuals by utilizing the fast pace and the distinctive features of the technological world to earn a big amount.


Identity Theft

Like internet fraud, identity theft is also the result of cyber crimes. Identity theft accounts for one of the fastest growing crimes in America as stated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Crime Prevention Council and several such agencies (Kimball V, 2007). The researcher expresses the issue of identity theft by saying that, "Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, occurring when the criminal obtains confidential information from an individual or business and uses it to access private financial accounts. In today's world of information technology, many thieves prey on their victims via the Internet. The level of disclosure of personal information in many of…

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