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Lyrical jazz, another jazz form has a more ballet feel and look to it.

In jazz dance, the motions are mostly slower and also have a fluidity that goes on to create longer lines and also to express stronger emotional connections. The movements are more strongly based upon the lyrics of a song and they express a similar if not identical ideas. Street-funk is also very similar and is related to hip-hop. However it also falls under the jazz format because it also uses more technical movements that originate from jazz dance . Street-funk is also sometimes called jazz-funk or just. This type of jazz format makes use of modern hip-hop touch in order to create fun and fast and dances. A low (to direction of the ground) brisk style is usually best described as explosive in form. This can be seen in cheer leading competitions or in dance competitions. Jazz style dance movements are based upon techniques from ballet, but they also use unfixed forms.

Jazz is unique in that it fuses and also innovates heavily upon Caribbean and African forms. The classic dance styles are not the only sources of dance. The former types are forms that come from many other cultures that make wide range movements. This type of dance variety invites for easy expression in ideas that the dancer may have about anything at all. Such expression through the medium of dance is


The way it appears is what then determines what the form means, just like the writing in a book reveals what the volume is about. This can make dance boring, exciting, difficult, old, easy, or even new. So long as there is expressed movement, then art is created. In this way dancing is and art form.

Comparison and Contrast of Modern/Contemporary and Jazz Dance Forms

As we have seen, both modern/contemporary and jazz dance formats have many common forms. However, they are also very distinct. Modern dance is a know for being a form of "free dance." Originally, this was the only way to escape from classical ballet forms. The big difference is that no shoes are not usually used in modern dance. Jazz dancing originated later in time and it sometimes includes such forms as tap or musical theater. Much of the "classical" jazz forms look much like something one would see on Broadway. The movements are more definitive as well and on the downbeat. Modern dance can also vary with the music and is sometimes on the upbeat as well.

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