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Creativity has developed to become an important part of education as evident in the increased inclusion of creativity into education policy. In light of these recent trends, creativity has become one of the most important core values and skills in the modern education curriculum. This has contributed to the emergence of the concept of creative thinking as an important component in today's education systems and policies. The significance of creativity in today's education policies and systems is evident in the increase in discussions about the concept and its consideration as a key driver of education curriculum. The inclusion of creativity in education is fueled by the fact education is focused on being a process that encourages exploration and opening up rather than simply relying on limitations and restricted choices (Ofield-Kerr par, 3). Therefore, education provides an opportunity for students to experiment in order to identify their actual interests and passions and create direction for their life's pursuits. However, there are concerns on whether education kills creativity or enhances it. This study will focus on answering the question, "Does education kill creativity in light of increased inclusion...


There has been a recent upsurge in literature demonstrating the increased inclusion of creativity in education in different places across the globe as reflected in policy documents in education. Moreover, education in the modern society has focused on encouraging students to go beyond existing limitations and choices and focus on exploration in different areas depending on personal desires and goals. While education practices have focused on encouraging creativity, there are concerns that it does not achieve this goal but actually stifles creativity. Therefore, it is ironical that education can stifle or kill creativity while encouraging creativity. The paradox in this situation is a compelling issue that needs to be examined in order to understand the role of creativity in education and vice versa.

Recent education policies and practices have increasingly focused on creativity as a crucial component of education. Actually, educational philosophies and objectives in developed countries are based on enhancing a student's creativity and self-actualization (Shaheen, p.168). The increase in inclusion of creativity in education is fueled by the fact that creativity helps in shaping students' future orientations and reforms in various facets of the society. I agree with those who argue that education does not kill creativity but actually enhances creative thinking among students and individuals. This is primarily because education relatively acts as the foundation of creativity and stimulates creativity through expanding the mind. Actually, education provides the basis for individuals to identify existing limitations and expand their…

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