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decline in academic performance by American students has been of increasing concern for some time now, leading to a great deal of government, societal, and media attention and debate. While many resolutions have been taken and implemented over the years, the latest attempt to redress the situation has been in the form of a proposal by the Bush administration to improve the educational system by rating schools with national tests. In an article titled Reforming Schools through a Federal Test for College Aid, Robert J. Samuelson, a reputed freelance writer on socio-economic issues for prestigious publications such as The Washington Post and Newsweek, questions whether the solutions tried so far are appropriate and indeed, whether the real problem has been understood at all!

In his review of the issue of poor academic performance, Samuelson suggests that the real problem with American education lies in the fact that "...our students don't work very hard. The typical high-school senior does less than an hour of homework an evening." (Para 1) To correct this, Samuelson suggests that one possible solution may lie in instituting a qualifying test for students applying for federal college aid, as this may act as a big lever and pressure on students to work harder in high school. Samuelson supports his proposal through pointing out that roughly 6 million American students receive federal aid and that a federal test administered in order to qualify for aid would therefore serve…

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