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DMO Mission Statements

Destination marketing organizations (DMO) play a crucial in promoting tourism through marketing various destinations to potential visitors and tourists. Similar to Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), DMOs are organizations that promote regions, countries, cities or towns to help increase the numbers of visitors or tourists. As a result, these organizations establish mission statements that guide their marketing or promotional initiatives and activities. The mission statements of destination marketing organizations differ depending on the specific organization and its vision. This paper examines the mission statements of various North American Destination Marketing Organizations to identify common themes and differences.

Common Themes in the Mission Statements

An analysis of the mission statements of various North American Destination Marketing Organizations demonstrated some common patterns or themes. One of the common themes from the analyzed DMO mission statements is a focus on marketing the respective destination to potential visitors or tourists. Each of these organizations focuses on marketing their respective regions, cities or towns as a suitable destination for potential visitors and tourists from across the globe. This indicates that direct marketing organizations focus on marketing various destinations as suitable places to visit.

The second theme identified from the analysis is that the mission statements focus on increasing the number of visitors to their respective places. In essence, the main goal of the marketing initiatives and activities undertaken by each of these destination marketing organizations is to increase the number of visitors. Most of the analyzed mission statements clearly state that their major goal is to increase the number of people and tourists visiting their respective places.

The third common theme is improvement of the economic growth of the respective region, city or town. As these organizations help increase the number of visitors to their respective places, more people visit them. The increase in the number of visits in turn translates to creating vibrant economic growth. Therefore, a crucial component of the mission statement of destination marketing organizations is to focus on promoting economic growth of their particular region, city or town.

Dissimilar Mission Statements

Despite identifying some common themes in the mission statements of various North American Destination Marketing Organizations, there were some dissimilar mission statements to most of the other DMOs. One of these dissimilar mission statements was evident in the case of Roseville Visitors Association, Minnesota. While the organization’s mission statement included the identified common themes, it was slightly dissimilar to the others…

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