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Of the many challenges related to providing adequate health care in nations that are still developing, one of the most prominent is the fact that in many instances cases of both preventable and curable diseases (such as tuberculosis) are not sufficiently reported (WHO, 2012, p. 1). Without reporting that an individual is infected or even possibly infected by this particular malady or others, it is extremely difficult to provide the sort of remedy that could prevent such a disease from being fatal. In developing nations, there are a number of places in which communication is strained due to the fact that these locations are remote or are in parts of the world in which advancements in information technology (such as mobile devices and the internet) have not fully penetrated. Thus, one of the critical problems for providing adequate health care to countries that are developing is the fact that there are many specific incidences of treatable and curable disease that are not communicated to others, and the patients go on suffering in silence.

Another problem that contributes to providing sufficient health care to those in third world or developing nations is the fact that a significant portion of the population does not come to medical facilities to receive treatment. There are myriad reasons for this particular occurrence. In some areas, for instance, medical facilities are simply too far away for people to travel to without the conveniences of modern transportation. In other instances, there is an innate distrust of westernized medicine and of westerners who may be practicing in whatever medical facilities that are available. Natives in those areas might not have sufficient remuneration for services or might actually be afraid of what could happen to them if they go for treatment. Others still do not believe in western practices of going for check ups and do not seek this sort of assistance until they have a problem that is too difficult to overcome.

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