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Navy Yard Shooting and Domestic Tourism

In September 2013, suspected gunshots at the Washington Navy Yard attracted a serious reaction from the law enforcement. Aaron Alexis is shown to have entered the building with a disassembled gun. He later assembled and begun shooting and killing people in the fourth, third, and second floor of the building. He later used the gun of the building's security officer after killing him. He killed twelve people while eight had non-fatal injuries (Webster & Vernick, 2013). When a 911 call was made, various agencies including the Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, U.S. Park Police and the Metropolitan Police Department responded.


Over the years, researchers have invested adequate time and resources, studying violent video games. According to evidence from meta-analysis studies, violent video games have a causal relationship with violent behavior in some individuals like the Naval Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis. The cause of the shooting was partly because of violent video games (Webster & Vernick, 2013). Alexis had a mental problem and was an addict of violent video games. In this case, he was known to be an addict of violent video games. His friends explain his sitting on the front of aggressive shooting games for any number of hours at a stretch. It came to be known that Alexis also had a mental disease. Research highlights a direct causal link between aggression and violent video games, particularly among people with mental illness. An examination of the


Probably, the shooting would most likely not have taken place had Alexis not ever played violent video games.


The massacre of twelve people in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy inflicted a national trauma, prompting a fierce and emotional debate on gun control. This test of the national psyche led to a new call for tougher gun control. Alexis had acquired an uncontroversial shotgun from a legit, licensed dealer. Moreover, he exposed himself to a government background check. This purchase was like any other one and could have been made legally in France or England. Since the incident, President Obama and some Senators pushed through Congress a gun control provision, which imposes a ban on assault weapons (Webster & Vernick, 2013). Similarly, this provision limits the size of magazines and requires that background check is carried out before all private sales.

The Navy Yard shooting serves a valid case for a stronger push on mental health. Before the shooting, Alexis had visited two Veterans Administration hospitals for mental problems and had presented signs of mental illness. From his father's statement,…

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Webster, D. W., & Vernick, J. S. (2013). Reducing Gun Violence in America: Informing Policy With Evidence and Analysis. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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