Diabetes Management And Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklists Essay

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Rapid Critical Appraisal Checklists for Diabetes Management

The study searches several electronic database to enhance a greater understanding on the database management. First, the paper searches the database of the Cochrane Library to emphasize the importance of database management. The search strategy is by using the EPPI-Centre register using the standard keywords that include Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Management, Glucose Management, Blood Sugar Level, Body Mass Index, and Physical Exercise. The paper also carries out a systematic search in the bibliographic database that include Diabetes care journals, MEDLINE, and PUBMED. The search is also supplemented with hand searching of clinical journals. The study also conducts a limited literature search on key database resources from the Cochrane library, PubMed, Internet, University Library, and Ebscohost nursing resources. The study does not carry out a filter to limit the research retrieval by type. Moreover, the search is limited to document written in English Language between 2010 and 2015.

Selection Criteria

The researcher screens the abstracts and titles of the retrieved publications as well as evaluating the full-text of the publications to select the final articles. The table 1 reveals the criteria used to select the articles.

Table 1: Selection Criteria


Patients with Type 2 diabetes within a long-term care setting, especially elderly frail population


Blood Glucose Monitoring


Evidence-based guidelines for monitoring of blood glucose. Example of glycemic and frequency goals.

Study Designs

Systematic reviews, health technology assessments, evidence-based guidelines and meta-analyses.

Exclusion Criteria

The researcher excludes studies that do not meet the...


The study also excludes duplicate publications, and articles published before 2010 for an evidence-based guideline.

Critical Appraisal Technique

The study uses the AGREE ("Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation") (Xie & Wang, 2012 p 160) instrument11 to evaluate the quality of individual studies. The study uses the scientific merit, strength and limitation to carry out the evaluation. During the search, the researcher identifies a total of 314 articles and after screening the abstracts and titles, the study selects 10 potential articles for a full review.

2. Summary of all the Research Studies



Campbell (2012).

The study evaluates the effectiveness of diabetes empowerment on self-care behaviors and medication adherence in adults suffering with type 2 diabetes. The paper emphasizes the effectiveness of empowerment for the management of diabetes. The strength of the article is that it uses multiple regression using the quantitative technique for the analysis. Its weakness was that the authors did not include the variable of self-care in the analysis.

Fisher, (2012)

The author identifies a self-management as effective tool to reduce the risks of diabetes. The strength of the articles is the multivariate analysis used for the analysis that assists in delivering valid results. However,…

Sources Used in Documents:


Ajala, O.1. English, P. & Pinkney, J. (2013). Systematic review and meta-analysis of different dietary approaches to the management of type 2 diabetes. Am J Clin Nutr. 97(3):505-16.

Campbell, J. (2012). Diabetes Empowerment. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, 14

(7), 630-634.

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