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Strategy to Disseminate Project's Results To Key Stakeholders And Entire Nursing Community

Dissemination is the process of delivering the outcome of the project to the key stakeholders and the wide community. Dissemination of information refers to the distribution of information about the project's outcomes to a specific clinical practice or public health audience. The intent of results' dissemination is to enhance a greater understanding of the key stakeholders and nursing community about the effect of the hourly rounding in reducing the patients' falls and call light use within the healthcare environment.

Objective of this study is to discuss the strategy to disseminate the results and project outcomes of the effect of hourly nursing rounding for a prevention of ulcer, fall reduction and decline of call light use to the key stakeholders and entire nursing community.

Method of disseminating the results to Key Stakeholders


The key stakeholders of this project are Director of Nursing, Nurse Educator, Director of Pediatrics, and Director of physical therapy. The results outcome will be disseminated through the email, news bulleting and staff meetings. However, presenting the results through the workshops and conference can make the results to be highly accepted among the key stakeholders and nursing community. (Agency for Healthcare Research, 2013). Moreover, disseminating the results through conference and workshops will assist in presenting the results to large number of audience.

Moreover, the internal memo should be used to disseminate the results to the key stakeholders within the organization to make them having the right hand information about the results before being diffused to the public. The benefit of using memo is to discuss the positive effects that healthcare organizations will derive from the implementation of the results. The paper also suggests using the PC PowerPoint presentation to disseminate the results to the key stakeholders. (Taggart & Arslanian, 2000). The presentation should provide the essential results of the projects and the benefits the patients and healthcare organizations will derive from the results.

More importantly, it is advisable to use policy papers and reports to disseminate the results to the key stakeholders.

"The policy papers should be distributed in hard copy at various events and published in electronic form on the project website." (Wyatt, Finn, Wadhwa, et al. 2013 p 15).

Method of Disseminating the…

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