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The overall viewpoint of the author is, well, the article is a bit of a hatchet job, running down a list of grievances collected on the Internet, going so far down the intellectual scale as to use snarky name-calling from random bloggers as evidence (p.310). There are logical fallacies contained in pretty much every point of argument the author makes. So while the overall viewpoint is clear -- the author does not like Google -- the argument is constructed primarily out of pathos, avoiding any hard discussion of ethos, and undermining its own logos by failing to resist the temptation to indulge in fallacy. It is tough to critique the article as a whole, as the author has utilized the classic shotgun argument fallacy.

The first issue, that of censoring search results in China, is a good example of fallacy -- leading the respondent. After reading about all of Google's crimes against
As to speculating why Google did not want to supply the requested information concerning the Child Online Protection Act, Google may have been thinking about the slippery slope here. Normally, a slippery slope is a bad way to make an argument, but our
legal system works on precedent. It is perfectly conceivable that allowing law enforcement warrantless search for one thing will be leveraged as precedent in the future to allow them to search for other things. In our legal system, slippery slope logic is used, so Google would have reason to be…

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