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Ecological Reconnaissance Project: An Inquiry-Based Project Youth & Sex Northwest (King & Snohomish County, Washington State) Organizational Analysis: What organizations exist region support adolescent sexual health? -Identify organizations address topic.


The Snohomish County Children's Commission is a Washington state institution meant to deal with promoting the rights of children and on providing them with assistance they need in order to effectively integrate the social order. The organization has twenty-five members and two of them are adolescents, as this makes it possible for them to reach out to young persons more effectively. The institute reaches out to children with the purpose of making them better prepared to deal with sexuality in general. It provides sexual education by teaching children concerning the attitudes they need to employ with regard to this topic in order to be able to avoid coming across significant problems.

The group provides advice meant to assist children and adolescent in making the right choices throughout their lives. By concentrating on adopting a more personal attitude toward its cause, the institution effectively communicates with young people and makes it possible for them to be more experienced in dealing with situation that might damage their health.

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Planned Parenthood is a national community meant to deal with sexual and reproductive health by introducing people to notions that are essential in educating them from a sexual point-of-view. Teen pregnancy rates have dropped significantly during recent years, but the issue continues to create problems as adolescents have trouble gaining a complex understanding of sexuality. The organization observed that even though teenage pregnancy rates are down, teenagers are still exposed to living unhealthy sexual lifestyles on account of how the replace vaginal intercourse with other types of sexual activity and thus risk contracting a series of maladies.

The Planned Parenthood institution in King County has played an active role in changing the way that many teenagers thought about sexuality. By providing these respective individuals with the opportunity to learn more about sexuality, the community makes it possible for them to be better prepared to differentiate between activities that can be harmful for them and activities that involve little to no risks.

Organization 3

The Seattle Institute for Sex Therapy, Education and Research promotes the idea that sexuality can be perceived as a positive concept in people's lives. The institution's "purpose is to assist people to explore and discover their own sexuality…

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