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Economics a Powerful Determinant Rate Direction

Economics and entrepreneurship play significant roles in carrying out social change. The two are effective tools to change the economic fates of the unfortunates. Social change is defined as 'the structural transformation of political, social and economic systems and institutions to create a more equitable and just society' (fundforsouth). Social change organizations are described as an alliance of people working jointly for a cause sometimes challenging service providers, institutions and government agencies through activism. But it's hard to implement change without the funds that are sometimes controlled by the chosen few such as in the case of World Bank and World Trade Organizations. On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs who are up to provide change through their humanitarian deeds, such as the entrepreneurs who are in the business not just for profit but for their advocacy.

These entrepreneurs' main objective is to make the world a better place for everybody. This goal shapes how they determine their success and how they form their enterprise. 'The best measure of success for such entrepreneurs is not how much they make but the extent to which they create social value' (Dees et al. 2002). They are called as social entrepreneurs and they act as 'change agents' (Dees et al. 2002) of the society. They implement change by considering every problem an opportunity to make their vision work. Social entrepreneurs are skilled in doing more with less and do not settle for a quick remedy but adhere to find ways to create lasting improvements.

As a determinant of social change, social entrepreneurs look for probabilities to perk up society and they take action. 'They attack the underlying causes of problems and their actions stimulate worldwide improvements in the fields of education, health care, job training and development, the environment, the arts and any other social endeavor' (Dees et al. 2002)

One concrete action that is taken with economics and entrepreneurship to further change is the measure taken by Bill Strickland, Jr., founder of the Manchester Craftsman's Guild. He has 'implemented change in their community by helping at-risk youth achieve recognition…

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