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Employee Training and Development A lesson plan contains information describing what will happen within a single lesson. It is necessary to ensure that a lesson plan entails four key elements for a successful learning experience. These are Instructional Objectives, Teaching Activities and Strategies, Sequencing and Materials and Evaluation and Follow-up.

Instructional Objectives

What learners should know and be able to do after the lesson? These are particular "instructional objectives" and articulate a clear focus of the lesson. In courses with a significant number of ELL's, it is important to formulate "language objectives" and the subject's material goals. Requirements from the curriculum frameworks are much more international and usually signify long-term goals. It is common practice to publish the focus objectives of the lesson in the same spot in the classroom for learners to see every day. Many instructors also show the standards (Laird, Holton & Naquin, 2003).

Teaching Activities and Strategies

Particular planning is needed to find out which teaching methods will the trainer use for the lesson. These should tie back to and back up the lesson goals. These organized instructions and events will take issues of efficiency, utility and the position of the lesson in the learning sequence. Aristotle highlighted utility in his thought process in education that teachers who neglect utility risk irrelevance. Concepts…

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