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Royal Clothing Marketing Plan and Price Strategy
Words: 1514 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 92764857
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Marketing Plan

oyal line clothing Marketing Plan

oyal line clothing is a company that undertaking production and distribution of casual clothing for both men and women. The company's clothing lineup is ideal for individuals with a passion for outdoor activity as well as those aspiring to embrace this type of life style. Manufacture of the clothing lineup is undertaken in such a way to afford the users a feel for their love and passion for outdoor activities. This is by making logos on the clothing for different sporting and outdoor activities. This labeling creates an opportunity for royal line clothing to capture interest of many outdoor enthusiasts thus widening the potential customer base.

oyal line clothing understands that casual clothing line up needs to deliver to the potential and existing clientele a feel of the outdoors. This is achieved by picking colors for the clothing closely related to nature. The…


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Gender Differences
Words: 802 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1750137
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Man and Woman, Casual Sex and Jealousy:

Insight from the Field of Evolutionary Psychology

'Our modern skulls house a stone age mind."

Cosmides and Tooby, 1997

If questioned today, many people might agree with what seems to be an illogical coupling of statements: (1) A man is more likely than his female mate to feel comfortable about having casual sex with multiple partners, but (2) the same man is likely to feel jealous about his mate having sex with someone else. Yet, when the underlying causes for a male's apparently inconsistent behavior are explored from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, a logical explanation emerges.

Evolutionary psychology is a branch of study focused on the problems and stress factors that ancestors of humans faced, the "psychological mechanisms" that natural selection developed to address these problems and stresses, and the ways in which these ancient mechanisms work today (Crawford and Anderson, 1989,…


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Yum Brands
Words: 2118 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 18349916
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Aspects such as weight reduction, disease reduction, and overall peak performance will be emphasized (Jeffery, 2006). Sponsoring many of Australia's more popular sporting events with the products would also be very beneficial. Placement of these products will occur within all of the Yum! Brands locations. As mentioned above, two strengths of the company are its global positioning in regards to its brand, and its overall depth of franchises (McGinley, 2004). With more locations than any of its competitors in emerging markets, the company has a distinct competitive advantage relative to its peers in the industry. By effectively utilizing this franchise to unveil its healthier product segment, Yum! Brands can capitalize on its location density. The locations are also very useful in regards to cross selling many of the newer health option that customers may not be aware off. By placing the new products in all of its location simultaneously the…


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Assemblage Marketing Plan There Are
Words: 1534 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24729856
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In addition to capitalizing on this trend, the Assemblage's strategy also helps to mitigate the damaging impacts of a double dip. The Assemblage essentially captures customers on their way up or down the dining market. A double dip recession may cause some consumers to trade down from fine dining. They do not currently trade down because there are no casual dining establishments able to deliver the innovative food, interesting beverages and dynamic service that the Assemblage promises. This gives consumers another option, one that allows them to have a home no matter what the economic climate. The Assemblage benefits from any economic condition in one way or another, allowing it to flourish in any scenario.

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Dockers Is a Levi Strauss Brand That
Words: 1086 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8871490
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Dockers is a Levi Strauss brand that was initially launched in 1986. Throughout the 1990s Dockers rode a wave of success as business casual gained acceptance in the workplace, and khakis became the pants of choice in mens casual wear. Dockers was at the forefront of the business casual movement and its brand became synonymous with khakis. Such success spurred brand expansion; in 1998 Dockers launched a line of clothing for women, and eventually clothing for children. Over the next several years, the Dockers brand expanded internationally and entered other product categories, such as accessories and clothing beyond khaki pants.

With such expansion, though, came lack of focus as Dockers moved farther away from the early success of its original model. Karen iley-Grant, the current director of global consumer marketing for Dockers says that the brand "…went through a kind of midlife crisis, splintering the message and our advertising started…


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Product Marketing Plan
Words: 2126 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 80684433
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Marketing Mix - Product

The product is a restaurant chain; Chili's Bar and Grill. The food served at Chilli's ranges from hamburgers, fries, and a drink to salads, steak and potatoes. As the title of the restaurant suggests; it is a casual dining facility that does not take itself to seriously. According to the company's website: Chili's opened as a "fun Dallas burger joint with a loyalty to happy hour and blue jeans" (Chilli's, 2012). The company was founded in 1975 and has grown from that initial restaurant in Dallas to serving customers in over 23 different nations around the world. The company's mantra is to "cook up the best in casual fare, offering the same genuine service we did way back when" (Chilli's, 2012). Currently, the company's is looking to expand even further while still maintaining the high quality food and service that they constantly strive for.

Scope of…


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Assemblage -- Pricing Strategy There
Words: 1503 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22190414
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hen expanding, the Assemblage will be more focused on setting up locations with a high amount of traffic from our target 21-35 demographic but Manhattan's density and role as an entertainment magnet allow for us to build our business.

The overall marketing objective is to build the brand and set up the expansion and penetration phase. The flagship Manhattan location supports that because of the ability and the diffusion value from visitors taking back memories of the Assemblage to their home cities, to which we will ultimately expand. On the broader level, disturbing in entertainment districts with high youth traffic will allow the Assemblage to best reach the target market. As market penetration occurs, the brand will over time become linked to entertainment and good times in a manner that is consistent across all of our markets.

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Register of Language Affirmation and Prohibition Register
Words: 893 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99900751
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Register of Language, Affirmation, and Prohibition

Register of language defines the way native speakers divide the way they speak in different social settings. It spans over a spectrum beginning in the most casual of settings all the way into the most careful behavior of a formal setting. However, it does not come naturally as part of the language learned and depends heavily on what is observed early in life. Those never exposed to a formal setting may never truly understand the proper way to speak while in one, which denies the person opportunity to progress in situations such as job interviews, dates, and academic settings. Since formal settings are often reserved for the upper classes, the lower classes are never granted the exposure required to understand formal register. This inadequate exposure leads to a constant casual register, which naturally becomes the most comfortable way to speak and may make it…

IMC the Advertising Strategy at
Words: 1548 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44745635
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The managers will not act as apologists for staff failures, but will instead accept responsibility for the deviation. The manager will outline the situation as he or she understands it and the different steps that have been taken to remedy the situation. If a direct remedy is required for the customer, then the customer shall receive a direct remedy from the company.

hile such a policy may be costly to implement, the casual dining segment of the restaurant business is subject to intense competition. Any misstep on the part of the company is likely to result in a lost customer unless significant outreach is taken. Any customer who complains is somebody who wishes to do future business with us and is looking for a reason to justify that future business. e shall take that to heart and use their complaint as an opportunity to create a local customer who gives…

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Conversation Mode Tenor and Field in a
Words: 1634 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92050075
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Mode, Tenor, and Field in a Casual Conversation: An Interview with Twilight's obert Pattinson

The movie trilogy based off the book series Twilight has caused an immense stir amongst filmgoers, especially female filmgoers, of all ages above a certain hormonal threshold. Having personally seen these movies, the author can say with a fair amount of confidence that there is little truly intellectual or philosophical value in the story told; even the mythic elements and character archetypes that are touched on in the films never fully develop. This does not mean that there is absolutely no academic value derived from the film, however, and in fact a certain interview conducted with obert Pattinson, one of the stars and primary heartthrobs of the Twilight series, provides interesting information about the movies and bout the nature of language.

In the following pages, an interview with obert Pattinson conducted by "Chuck the Movieguy,"…


Chuck the Movieguy. (2009). Interview with Robert Pattinson. Accessed 8 April 2011. 

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Scientific Approaches to Hookup Culture
Words: 3934 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22341787
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Scientific Approaches to Hookup Culture

On a practically day-to-day basis we are swamped with tales about the collapse of the current star marital relationship-- and cheating is usually the source of those who choose to separate. Is it even possible for 2 individuals to remain together gladly over a prolonged time frame? Since early evolution day, we've been informed that sexual monogamy comes normally to our types. However it does not and never ever has (yan and Jetha, 2010).

Mainstream science-- in addition to spiritual and cultural establishments-- has long propagated the belief that males and females progressed in nuclear households where a guy's possessions and defense were exchanged for a female's fertility and fidelity. However this story is breaking down; now more so than before. Less and less couples are marrying and divorce rates keep climbing up while adultery and flagging sexual libido drag down even relatively strong marital…


Abbey, A., Ross, L.T., McDuffie, D., & McAuslan, P. (1996). Alcohol and dating risk factors for sexual assault among college women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 20, 147 -- 169.

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Montefiore Medical Center Reasons for Developing New
Words: 3035 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16657719
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Montefiore Medical Center

easons for Developing New Strategy

Designing the new strategy involved several meetings by the Medical Center's employees to assist in the development of a balanced scorecard and initiating nation-level measures. In this regard, the firm developed a new strategy to represent the cause-and-effect linkages among the environment, strategy, and operating plan that could deliver the required financial results. The new system proposed by the strategy was initiated to ensure that financials made up a 10-percent of the measures on the balanced scoreboard. Montefiore additionally, developed the new strategy to measure patient satisfaction, the cost, health care quality as well as cycle times of clinical and administrative processes. It was realized by the institution that the strategic measures were essential in positioning Montefiore for future innovation while encouraging organizational growth. The GIP strategy was initiated by the medical provider to help in increasing market penetration while assisting in…


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Marketing Report for Mr Gary C Comer
Words: 1409 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67926703
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Marketing Report for Mr. Gary C. Comer, Chairman

Dear Mr. Comer,

As instructed, our firm has conducted the requested marketing research and provided recommendations so that Land's End will continue to remain a leader in the mail order catalog industry. Due to the current market saturation conditions, in order to keep it's market position; Land's end will have to expand its prospective market to reach the global community. It will also have to reach a broader range of income levels.

Key trends, which have influenced the mail order industry

The 1950s to the 1980s were an age of materialism. The 1980s began a new order of social thinking. People began to be more concerned about the quality of life and the quality of their home lives. The term "quality time" became a buzzword. The invent of the Internet had its beginning in 1982 [, 1997]. Slowly over the next 10…

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Editing Work I Chose to Base My
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76757810
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Editing Work

chose to base my studies on J. because we shared a lot in common; we are both Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country. He is eleven years old. His parents are Jordan nationals who have lived in Bahrain for at least two years. J goes to school at Naseem nternational School where work. The school offers PYP programs. Lessons are conducted in English; however, Arabic lessons are also offered per week. Majority of kids in this school are Muslims most of whom are Bahrainis. Other nationalities making the student population are Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanians, few South Africans, and other Arabian Gulf countries. Teachers are a mixture of nationalities. Some of them are Arabs, others South Africans, while some are Europeans.

Different research methodologies were used to collect information on J's school progress and behavior. Some of the methodologies used were, to mention but a few, unstructured interviews,…

In an unstructured interview with his IT teacher on 16th November, 2012, that lasted 30 minutes, the teacher reiterated that J. had social problems that apparently made him unpopular with other students especially student S. The student created a lot of problems for J. during IT lessons. S repeated virtually everything that J. said in an insulting manner. He only has one physically small boy as a friend in the entire I.T class. The teacher had no problems with his behavior or performance in his lesson.

In an unstructured interview with Ms. Y, the school counselor, in her office on 18th November that lasted for 30 minutes, she pointed out that J. was a sensitive well mannered child who stuck to agreements he made. She maintained that J. was always on the receiving end because his classmates, who are predominantly Bahrainis, are naturally provocative while J. was not aggressive. She made such observation based on an incident when during break time play student S. violently pushed a necklace out of J's hand. This provoked J. into pushing student S. away. When the two of them were called into the counselor's office, student S. brought a fake witness to support his case. The witness claimed that J. provoked S. into a fight. Student S. claimed that he just tripped by mistake and this made the necklace to drop. The fake witness made it difficult for Ms. Y to defend J. despite the fact that she knew that it was not J's fault. She observed that J. is very clever and quiet and that's why he was provoked quite often. She affirmative that J. situation was aggravated by the fact that he was a Christian learning in a Muslim school, sentiments that J's father also believed in. She also pointed out that J. was provoked by his fellow students because he was not a Bahraini.

In another interview with Ms. Y on 2nd December, 2012, she opined that M, B,

Blackwater the Private Contractor Dilemma
Words: 3059 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 67030567
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Vermont's Junior Senator, Bernard Sanders introduced to the Senate the Stop Outsourcing Security Act S. 2398. The Stop Outsourcing Security Act will help solve the lack of oversight of contractors in Iraq by requiring that by June 2008, "the President shall submit to each specified congressional committee a report on the status of planning for the transition away from the use of private contractors for mission critical or emergency essential functions by January 1, 2009, in all conflict zones in which Congress has authorized the use of force" (s 2398). This bill will examine contractor activities and ensure that renewals will only happen if the president certifies that contractors have undergone background checks and are clear of any crimes that could lead to additional problems with their work in the future. It will also allow congress to have access to information of private military companies including, the number of persons…

Works Cited

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Crime Although This Individual Has
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23065020
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I would not ask for jail time because I don't feel it would serve any beneficial purpose in this case since the Defendant is not a danger to society.

If the defense counsel indicated that they were interested in entering into a plea bargain, I would most definitely be open to the suggestion. The minimal plea I would be willing to accept would be a suspended sentence with probation. Under such an agreement the Defendant would be found guilty of the charge and sentenced to pay a certain amount in fines. However, the Defendant will not have to pay this fine so long she stays out of criminal trouble. I feel this offer is a positive resolution to this matter because it essentially empowers the Defendant and makes them responsible for their punishment.

As indicated by my potential approaches to this matter, from both a defense and prosecutor's side, it…

HR Retention Finding and Keeping the Right
Words: 2508 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35947828
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HR Retention

Finding and keeping the right employees are major problems especially to big businesses today, but the biggest headaches appear to confront the retail, food service (Catlette 2000) and the high-technology industries. The National Restaurant Association alone approximated the turnover among fast-food workers at 300% or so fast that by the time one gets his or her order of French fries, the worker might have made a change in his or her career (Catlette). Some Florida companies were reported to have taken bold steps at fighting off a 2.8% unemployment rate among hospitality workers in an attempt at insuring that breakfasts were cooked and served, beds made and park sideways swept. Disney was said to have gone as far as Puerto Rico offering airline tickets and bonuses for a year's contract as maids or food service workers (Catlette).

The most businesses hire workers-based competence and experience but values, style…


1. ACC Communications, Inc. (2000). HR Software Trends: the Revolution is Here -- Human Resources. Workforce. 

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Existentialism Is a Philosophical Movement That Views
Words: 1357 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42759063
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Existentialism is a philosophical movement that views human existence as having characteristics, such as anxiety, dread, freedom, awareness of death, and consciousness of existing, that are primary and that cannot be reduced to or explained by a natural-scientific approach or any approach that attempts to detach itself." For existentialism, human beings can be understood only from the inside and it emphasizes action, freedom, and decision as fundamental to human existence and is fundamentally opposed to the rationalist tradition and to positivism (Wikipedia). The Stranger reflects existentialism that our world is a universe that has no place for us, in which our life makes no sense. In the novel, Meursault is portrayed as aloof, detached and unemotional. He does not think about events and the possible consequences. He also fails to express any emotion in his relationship with his friends. Meursault's complete indifference to society and human relationships causes him to…

Stone Diaries
Words: 772 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98175837
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Stone Diaries

Narrative Voice in the Stone Diaries

The Stone Diaries is the fictional autobiography of Daisy Goodwill Flett, who through the course of the novel is both struggling and seeking to find a sense of contentment in her life, despite never having truly understood what her life's purpose is supposed to be. The novel also presents its reader with a challenging narrative puzzle to unfold: the extraordinary violations of storytelling conventions including rapid shifts between first and third person narration, but also a first-person narrator who both recounts details of her birth to which she could not realistically have access (eese, 2006, pp. 90). These shifts and changes give the book a much more meaningful look into a character who is essentially just trying to find meaning herself.

So much can be gleaned, for instance, in viewing the following passage from the text itself: "You might like to believe…

Works Cited

Shields, C. (1993). "The Stone Diaries." New York, NY: Penguin Books. Print.

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Journal of Narrative Theory, 36(1): pp. 90-120. Web. Retrieved from: JSTOR

Database. [Accessed on 4 December 2012].

Jumps Out Regarding the Privatization
Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 41692916
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Public Management Review

This report also has some flow/formatting issues. There is a clear title at the top of the first page and then the apparent abstract (it is not labeled as such) starts on the bottom of that same page and spills onto the second. The abstract is in single space and then there is the introduction directly below the abstract and there is an abrupt shift to double-spaced format. The disjointed citation and formatting continues with the introduction taking up the entire first page except for the very top and bottom with the only citation to be found coming at the bottom with three citations slammed together. Unless those three sources all said the same exact thing as it pertains to what is in that first paragraph, that is not remotely close to being scholarly citation. it's not plagiarism but it's not neat, either. The apparent title to…

Burnout Written Attached Files Instructions Please Read
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 71928591
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Burnout), written attached files instructions. Please read instructions carefully, contact questions, Thank the Case Study written paragraph form. You write person, avoid a casual tone.


Helen is a fifty-year-old woman who came to me for counseling a week ago because of the conflicts she was experiencing with her adult daughter Susan and her granddaughter Madeline. Susan recently lost her job and had to move back in with Helen. Helen is a widow and although she did have enough additional room in her house for her daughter, she says often finds it difficult to cope with having Susan and a small child around all of the time. Susan does not make a contribution to the housekeeping and often keeps odd hours because she is not currently working. Susan gets up and goes to bed late (Madeline is not yet of school age). Helen still works as a librarian and says…

Bonus Army Invades Washington
Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11631210
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Bonus Army Invades Washington

With his stirring yet scholarly account of one of America's defining internal conflicts, the Bonus Army's contentious 1932 march on Washington, historian Edward Robb Ellis manages to capture the shared desperation of both the destitute veterans protesting for proper pay, and the depleted government struggling to balance promises with pragmatism. Ellis' deftly written analytical article entitled The Bonus Army Invades Washington manages to convey with astonishing clarity the unique confluence of historical circumstances which led to the Bonus Expeditionary Force's fateful demonstration at the nation's capitol. Utilizing a narrative tone which is at once casual and cerebral, Ellis leads his reader from the killing fields of World War I to the postwar partisanship that plagued Washington, D.C. In the 1930's, covering the collective concerns of an unsteady nation by delving into the personal experiences of the major figures involved. Throughout the article, Ellis harnesses a subtly…

Management Interview of Manger of Firm Earning at Least 10 Million in Annual Revenue
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19349606
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men like Mr. Nus is underscored by an almost unappetizing uniformity. Although he attempts to invoke the dynamism of his organization in its ability to provide succinct resolutions to vexing problems, his mere language strikes us as pre-scripted, lacking the subtle virtues of personalization. His ideas seems unsubstantial, as is indicated by his insistence on hiring people who smile. French philosopher Jean Baudrillard said of American culture, "Smile if you have nothing to say...Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth." The tastes of such men seem to reflect this lack of identity; they are reflected in anonymously elegant chain hotels such as Radisson and Hyatt, which seem to the casual observer to be all but identical from Prague to Singapore.

However, to limit our evaluation to these unflattering observations would do the dominant accounting firms an enormous discredit. Men like Mr. Nus emote the nature of…

Challenges of Opening NYC Restaurant
Words: 4930 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 66820861
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NYC African Restaurants

African Restaurants

African Restaurants in NYC

The restaurant's soft industrial lighting makes the chrome gleam. A soft and expansive backdrop of blue gives the space a cool and slightly futuristic industrial like a hip loft in the future. Exposed brick walls are tinged in a blue sheen and the distressed wood chairs and tables have been stained steel gray and have marble table tops. In three weeks, Cisse Elhadji, the owner of Ponty Bistro in Midtown, will open his new restaurant La Terengea. Located at 144 West 139th St., the restaurant us nestled in between the Hudson and Harlem rivers a few blocks west of the City College of New York. The location of the restaurant is quite lucrative given its relative proximity to both Central Park as well as Yankee Stadium.

Though Elhadji has succeeded once with an African restaurant, La Teregenga is still a gamble.…

Men's Sportswear in the 50s and 90s
Words: 1728 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55788636
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Men's Sportswear In The 1950s And 1990s

As a form of cultural expression, fashion always reflects the deepest concerns of society. But unlike literature, music or art, fashion communicates indirectly - employing a language and logic of its own. Fashion's power, to capture the present and even to predict the future, is only revealed with the passage of time (Font 2003).

In the 1950s, ready-to-wear clothing was the big deal, and styles began changing very quickly. It was not socially acceptable for women to work; a woman's "place was in the home" (Bosak 2003). omen wore pants around the house, but still wore skirts when they went out. Tight-fitting dresses and shorter hemlines were popular, but so too were the circle skirt, Bobby Sox, and a sweater set.

For men, previous to 1950 they wore both single-breasted and double-breasted suits. Fashions changed very little for them. In the 1950s, many…

Works Cited

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Eating Burgers at Mcdonald's Diners
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Only one male ate his burger torn into pieces, only one ate his burger around, while 10 of the males ate their burgers across.

Age appeared to be correlated to one specific type of eating behavior: tearing the burger into bites. Of the people who tore their burgers into pieces, two of them were very young children. The other two were either older teenagers or very young adults. No person over the age of 20 tore their burger into pieces to eat it. However, age did not seem correlated to whether a person ate a burger across or around. Most people ate their burgers across. In fact, of the 25 people observed, 15 of them ate their burgers across, and the age of those diners ranged from 10 to 65. There did not seem to be an age-pattern with the people who ate their burgers around, either; they ranged from…

how to judge a business idea
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Business Idea

The Feasibility of New Businesses in the Fast Casual Healthy Restaurant Niche

Business Idea Overview

The business idea that is being reviewed is a family owned business that is not a franchised operation. The research will focus on the likelihood that a small start-up that is locally owned and operated restaurant can still make it on their own in competitive market. Many of the local businesses that do well in the market are often affiliated with some national franchise that offer advantages such as training, advertising, and some administrative support services among others. However, there are still many people who wish that they could start a business because the simply love to cook and would like to make a career out of it. It is often the case that people like this underestimate the difficulty in starting their own business and the failure rate for small businesses remains…

E-Retailing Plan for Made-To-Order Athletic
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Figure 2: Using the BCG Growth/Share Matrix To Evaluate Eleftria Market Opportunities

Star Products

Question Marks

Cash Cows


Source: (Anantachart, 2004)


e-retailing metrics

The e-retailing objectives for Eleftria Athletic shoes and their plans for attaining them are defined here. The first objective is to create an e-retailing strategy that capitalizes on multi-channel management, meaning that e-retailing site will be accessible over the Web, through specialized interfaces on Blackberries and PDAs, and also will have telephone ordering as well. The second objective is to create a completely integrated e-retailing system that connects to pricing, catalogs of shoe components, suppliers to validate the shoes being designed can be built, and shoe costs to ensure when compared to pricing the can be produced at a profit. This back-end system integration needs to be real-time as it allows for greater levels of responsiveness to the customer has a result. The third objective…


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Technology Has Evolved a Great
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Again, Mc Donald's has managed to deal with competitive threats posed by both these market players due to the fact that the prices that Burger King, Starbucks and Costa Coffee charge are much higher than that charged by Mc Donald's. The primary reason behind higher prices of Costa Coffee and Starbucks is the fact that their target market is much stronger and niche as compared to that of Mc Donald's. The recent economic crunch however, has benefitted Mc Donald's as many people who prefer sophisticated ambience, due to their lower purchasing power and increased inflationary pressures now prefer Mc Donald's over the likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee. As a result, Mc Donald's is the strongest market player in the Global region today.

Mc Donald's target market includes all the people who travel for leisure and/or business purposes and prefer to have a luxurious accommodation. The cafe provides best possible…


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Hooking Up Sex Dating and Relationships on
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Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and elationships on Campus, was written by Kathleen Bogle and published in 2008 by NKU Press. Kathleen Bogle is an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at La Salle University, and she used her expertise in both sociology and the university setting to investigate the sexual behaviors of young adults. Bogle gathered information for this piece through interviews with college students and recent graduates, conducted from 2001 to 2006.

The main premise of Bogle's book is to enlighten readers regarding the rules and social expectations of dating and sexuality among current young adult populations. Bogle offers a detailed explanation regarding the concept of a "hook-up culture," with the term hooking-up specifically relating to the casual intimacy. Bogle outlines a very clear explanation regarding what young people mean when they discuss "hooking-up" and how different genders and sexual orientations regarding the social expectations involved. Bogle's interview…


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Nikes Energy Bar Marketing Plan
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Marketing in Action


Corporate Connection

Mission Statement

The Humber Room is a full-service restaurant that provides a gastropub as well as a casual dining experience. Located in Humber College's north campus in Toronto, the restaurant seeks to deliver high quality meals and drinks at affordable prices. This is vital for ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for the restaurant's target market, and achieving its overall goals and objectives.

Vision Statement

The Humber Room aspires to be the best full service restaurant in northwest Toronto. The restaurant strongly believes that a certain section of the population yearns for a casual and a fairly relaxed dining environment. The restaurant desires to be the number one choice for this segment.

Situational Analysis

Competitor Analysis

The Humber Room is not the only full service restaurant in northwest Toronto. There are several competitors, but the major ones include Linx Lounge (located on-campus), Desi Spice…

Nike Manufactures and Markets Sports
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5% of total liabilities. Their retained earnings, on the other hand, total $5.073 billion. The heavy use of retained earnings is partially explained by their view of themselves as a growth company. hile they pay a dividend, Nike prefers to re-invest much of its profits back into expansion. They do not feel that the market has matured sufficiently to stop their aggressive growth strategy. Another consideration in their capital structure is the cost of capital. On account of its low volatility, Nike has a low cost of debt, approximately 6.8% using CAPM. Their long-term debt is primarily a revolving credit facility. The rate, based on their a+ rating, is LIBOR + 0.15%, which would equate to 4.12% based on the October 15th price of the 1-year LIBOR. If anything, Nike could become more financially efficient by increasing their use of debt financing.

Nike places strong emphasis on human resources. They…

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Gap Is a Major American Retailer of
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Gap is a major American retailer of casual apparel. This industry is mature, and highly fragmented. As such, the Gap and its competitors each have a relatively small market share. There are over 400 significant industry players (Global Industry Analysts, 2010). There are some generalizations, however, that can be made with respect to this market and Gap's position within the casual apparel market.

Overall, the casual apparel market in the United States is worth an estimated $195.6 billion as of 2007, with an annual growth rate of 3% (Business ire, 2008). Given the economic slowdown, it is reasonable to assume that growth has stagnated since that point in time, so that the market is roughly the same size today as it was three years ago. The Gap's annual sales are approximately $14.195 billion (MSN Moneycentral, 2010), but 21% of that revenue is from outside North America. This leaves North American…

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External Forces There Are a Number of
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External Forces

There are a number of forces that will impact the strategy of Hot ings. The legal and regulatory environment governs a number of different aspects of the business, from licensing to human resources policies to food handling and other aspects of the business. There are regulations at the federal, state, municipal and possibly county levels. Food handling and alcohol are the most important elements within the regulatory environment as violations of these regulations can result in shut down, legal action or the closing off of revenue streams. Proper training must be given to all staff with respect to the different food and alcohol regulations in order to keep the business running.

The economic environment is of critical importance because the number of times people eat or drink outside of the home is dictated in large part by their disposable income. In good economic times, people go out more…

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Blue Turtle Clothing Company Btc Is a
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Blue Turtle Clothing Company (BTC) is a newly established business in London, Ontario. The company showed poor financial performance in the previous season. Therefore, the owner has decided to redesign the marketing strategies of the company to boost up its sales performance in the next season. This paper presents analysis of the case using different tools and techniques; including situational analysis, market analysis, segmentation analysis, competition analysis, and financial analysis; case keys (key success factors, key contingencies, and analysis of alternative solutions); recommendations, and action plan for the short run.

The paper starts with the problem statement and discusses the situational analysis for the company in detail. The analysis includes individual goals and objectives of the owners and the company, background and forecast for the company, SWOT analysis (internal and external environment), market analysis (including business environment, current and past strategies, marketing mix, segmentation analysis, competitive environment, and financial analysis.…


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Billabong the Surfwear Industry Comprises
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ith the significant amount of crossover between surfwear and other casual apparel wear forms, changes in their production and design systems will be minimal. The main risk is brand dilution, so it is recommended that Billabong use a different brand when entering these new segments.

Another option for long-term success is to roll out a high end line of customized gear. The surfwear market is already priced at a premium level, demonstrating that credibility inhibits price elasticity. Therefore, a super-premium line can be introduced. This would put Billabong into competition with niche players, but Billabong's economies of scale and international distribution network enhance their ability to compete in the niche markets considerably. Despite fears of an economic downturn, there is long-run value in developing a high-end option, because the cyclical nature of the industry ensures that the market will recover.

On a more corporate-wide level, Billabong can assist their long-term…

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Marketing Mix Promotion Strategies Assume That You
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Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategies

Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Brooks Brothers and that the VP of Marketing wants you to prepare a report on how the designer's/brand's product/good is currently marketed and to begin to think about what changes, if any, you might want to see made in the promotion of that designer's/brand's products/goods.

What promotion makes the designer's/brand's products different from its competitors?

Brooks Brothers is one of the most famous marketers of classic clothing for men and women in the world. Its generations-old name and reputation for quality distinguishes it from its more recently-arrived competitors. Unlike the classic British fashion house Burberry, it has not tried to brand itself as a more trendy fashion line for the young, and showcased streaming podcasts of its fashion shows and crowd-sourced photographs and fashion advice. Brooks Brothers specializes in simple, clean lines and its current marketing…


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Retrieved May 17, 2011 at

Large Chain Restaurant That Has Gone Bankrupt
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Chain Restaurant

One chain restaurant that went bankrupt recently was Bennigan's, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2008 (Tozzi, 2008). All of the company-owned stores closed, and many of the franchise-owned stores also closed. Of those franchise-owned stores that survived, many suffered as a result of the negative publicity and loss of key advertising and purchasing support. hile 138 locations avoided bankruptcy initially in 2008, only 35 of those remained by 2010 (Stockdale, 2010). This paper will examine the external environment in the casual dining industry at the time of the Bennigan's bankruptcy, and the extent to which the company's strategy contributed to its downfall.

In 2008, the U.S. economy was headed for recession, and this has a significant negative impact on the casual dining industry. The industry had 81,000 restaurant locations, making for a highly-fragmented marketplace that was in all likelihood well over capacity. As a result, some…

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Marketing Branding Strategies Are Key to a
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Branding strategies are key to a company's success. Levi-Strauss must take care not to sully its reputation by jumping into a new line of business attire. The proposal to create a new line of Levi-Strauss office clothes is flawed. The following consulting report outlines the reasons why the company must change its approach towards developing a new line.

Branding strategies are key to a company's success and why the Levi-Strauss name is synonymous with jeans worldwide. Having expanded beyond dungarees and into men and women's casual apparel, the Levi-Strauss brand has remained consistent without being stagnant. Market research would be immanently helpful in making a final decision on whether or not to diversify the brand even further, but based on what we already know, Levi-Strauss cannot enter the business attire industry as a formidable competitor to Brooks Brothers without risking significant if not debilitating losses. It is therefore not…


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China Korea
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American Cultural Products have an Impact on Other Cultures

About the American Culture

How the American Culture Affects Products Globally

Influences of Culture on One Another

American Culture in China

American Culture in Korea

Major American Cultural Values

Globalization has created a completely new way of life for billions of people. It has provided people with new technologies and alternative ways of consuming everything, from products to music and films to literature and even language. In other words, globalization has impacted entire cultures in various countries (Friedman, 2005). The trend has been aided by the creation of the ability to purchase life changing goods for consumers; providing many varieties of consumable items at reasonably low prices on an international market has spread different cultures.

Understanding the impact of globalization on the regional and national cultures requires the understanding of the process and the meaning of globalization. While the term…


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Changing with the Times
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Ann aylor Case Study

he issue facing Ann aylor in 2014 was a fairly common one, particularly for brands that have been established for as long as this women's clothing store magnate has been. his chain of specialty stores was initially established in 1954. As such, it had witnessed myriad changes in styles and fickle customer tastes since the midway point of the 20th century. he crux of the issue that Ann aylor was experiencing was simple enough: it needed to change with the times without alienating its core customer base and style. Specifically, there was a conflict of sorts in the two directions that the store could have gone in at this point in time. One of these was typified by its LOF stores, which traditionally sold casual clothes that were less expensive that typical Ann aylor products. he second direction was typified by the traditional Ann aylor line,…

There are several facets of the financial analysis of Ann Taylor (as opposed to the company's business generated by LOFT), that reflects the fact that the clothing market has shifted towards less formal, and more casual, attire. Prior to examining the financial data that verifies this assertion, it is important to establish the fact that the initial Ann Taylor brand is practically diametrically opposed to the clothing and accessories found in LOFT. Ann Taylor has historically built its reputation as offering upscale rainments for professional women. Business suits and classy, elegant (and costly) black dresses typified its look, style, and even clientele. In fact, this reality partially led to the creation of the LOFT brand, and perhaps even contributed to its ascendancy over the conventional Ann Taylor brand and style. This claim is readily buttressed by even a cursory review of the financial data for Ann Taylor, particularly as it is compared to the same data for LOFT. Unlike the data for LOFT, the financial data for Ann Taylor does not reflect steady gains. There were greater yields for Ann Taylor's stores and total brand at the end of the fiscal year in 2014 (668 and 959.8, respectively), than in 2015 (658.7 and 952.8, respectively). Still, the most notable analysis of this data is in comparing it to the respective metrics for LOFT. The total Ann Taylor brand for the end of the fiscal year 2015 is 952.8, while the total LOFT brand for that time is $1,580. The superiority of LOFT to Ann Taylor is underscored by each store's earnings for 2015, as LOFT's $1,276.4 doubles that of Ann Taylor $658.7.


The first alternative that Ann Taylor leaders could consider is to discontinue Ann Taylor's high end, professional attire while merely continuing its LOFT attire. The pros include the fact that it could lower its costs by focusing only on causal clothing and abandoning the professional attire. Furthermore, the financial data supports this option by proving that most of the brand's finances stem from LOFT. The cons are that Ann Taylor's history is involved with its upscale clothing and it would be giving up on its flagship style. A more preferable alternative is that Ann Taylor could reduce the amount of its upscale clothing merchandise and exclusive locations for it, while merely adding the most popular items to LOFT stores. The pros are that it could retain its image as a seller of professional clothing while concentrating on the casual style that is more popular now. The cons are that its upscale clothing would be less visible.

Social Psychology Research -- Fashion
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In the (control) group the professor wore the same shirt without any label attached. The shirt was unstained and fresh-looking but not new.

Finally, after the initial data collection, the subjects were advised of the genuine research topic and method in connection with a request for their consent to analyze the results participant-by-participant. Originally, they were assured of anonymity. All 20 participants granted consent to analyze their responses individually.

Experimental Hypothesis and Variables


Hypothesis #1 -- the control group will characterize the professor's attire as

"Casual" or "Unprofessional."

Hypothesis #2 -- the test group will characterize the professor's attire as


Hypothesis # 3 -- the control group will characterize the professor's style as

"Tries too hard."

Hypothesis # 4 -- the test group will characterize the professor's style as

"Probably quite well."

Independent Variable

The independent variable is the presence or absence of the "DKNY" label on the…

Dating Preferences Choice in Romantic
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Finally, Lee descibes the agape style, chaacteized by selflessness and sacifice and a fundamental appoach to elationships that emphasizes poviding the love and benefits of the elationship that they believe eveyone deseves (Hahn & Blass, 1997). They ae not peoccupied with any paticula "type" of potential patne and tend to be extemely suppotive, patient, honest, and not jealous o highly emotionally chaged (Hahn & Blass, 1997).

The Significance of Diffeent Types of Relationships on Patne Pefeence

As helpful as Lee's six love styles ae to undestanding choice and behavio in intimate human elationships, that analysis does not take into account the degee to which individuals (egadless of thei pimay stylistic oientation in Lee's tems) sometimes engage in vey diffeent kinds of elationships. Pesumably, Lee's stylistic analysis petains mainly to omantic pai bonds such as potential maiage patnes and dating patnes but not necessaily to casual-sex patnes o platonic fiendships.


references in romantic relationships and friendships." Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Vol. 19, No. 4: 463-481.

Besagi Case Study List and
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Indeed, harvest time should not come as a surprise to these professionals, and it is reasonable to assert that given adequate notice and preparation, a sufficient number of casual laborers could be employed for the time period required to complete the harvest in a timely fashion. The company's strategy to close down cultivation had a concomitant impact of further eroding labor-management relations and cost the company around a half a million dollars to boot.

3. Need to identify additional sources to satisfy demands of canned pet food manufacturers. The company would be well advised to look to the burgeoning economic powerhouse of China and its neighbors as potential markets for its pet food seed products. Although not on the same level as many Western countries, pet ownership in China is on the rise and is expected to continue to increase in the future. According to Zhuang (2005), "Pet ownership in…


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Quiznos Subs Marketing Plan
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Quiznos Subs Marketing Plan

Quiznos is a fast food restaurants specializing in sandwiches. Quiznos operates in a highly competitive market and needs to market effectively to increase sales and market share. The following analysis will describe a marketing strategy for Quiznos. This will begin by looking at the current situation and trends. This will be followed by looking at the key issues for Quiznos, including strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Based on this analysis, a marketing strategy with the objective of increasing the dinner market is recommended. The final sections will describe how this will be achieved by describing the marketing strategy, actions to be taken, and control.

Current Situation and Trends

Market Situation

The U.S. fast food market is around $150 billion annually (Euromonitor, 2005).

The U.S. fast food market is expected to increase by about 1.7% from 2004 to 2008, to reach $153 billion in 2008 (Euromonitor,…


Euromonitor (2005). Fast food in USA. Retrieved June 3, 2005, from Euromonitor International. Web site: (mmp)

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Nike's Marketing Process Marketing Is Generally Defined
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Nike's Marketing Process:

Marketing is generally defined as a social process through which individuals and groups acquire what they need by developing and exchanging products and services with others. This process involves planning, evaluation, execution, and management of programs that are developed keenly to facilitate free transfer of values with the intended audience to accomplish the objectives of the business. The success of any private or public company is dependent on its core marketing concepts and the various elements of the marketing process. One of the major examples of a public limited company that has demonstrated superb marketing skills is Nike. The firm's marketing skills have emerged from the fact that it has developed the ever-present swoosh into one of widely recognized brand symbols across the globe.

Nike's Marketing Concepts and Marketing Process:

As previously mentioned, Nike's superb marketing skills are evident through the power of its logo and brand…


Bhasin, H 2010, Marketing Mix Nike, Marketing 91, viewed 26 December 2012,

Chow, R 2012, International vs. Domestic Marketing, Business Master, viewed 26 December


Sociological Theory What Makes Democracy Work
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Sociological Theory: hat Makes Democracy ork?

hen it comes to "Classical Sociological Theory" and "Contemporary Sociological Theory" there are numerous sociological theories that try to inspect and interpret why and how society purposes; looking at the influences such as mass media, education, the family and the church. All of these theories have their own ideas as to how these numerous establishments distress how should be and is -- some facets of these theories intersect with each other and other facets are totally different. Theories for instance Functionalism and Marxism attempt to describe civilization as an 'absolute truth' (they each look at culture on a macro scale) they trust that set development of society is unavoidable; there is a construction to life and civilization that seldom permits for change.

According to Tocqueville (pp.104) concerning Classical Sociological Theory, his argument is that throughout time our world has seen a lot of different…

Works Cited

"Civil Society and Polotical Public Sphere." Habermass, Jurgen. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1996. 470-489.

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Organizational Studies While There Is Focus Upon
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organizational studies. While there is focus upon the articles and their contents, the greater focus or endeavor of the paper is to analyze the writing techniques and approaches to research. At the center of the assignment is the relationship among the construction of the research question, the research question, and the research. By studying and referencing the methods of master researchers and writers, the paper forges a path into the unknown, yet mandatory territory of conducting research and sharing it with the academic community.

Organizational Studies: Article eviews

The state of public research on over-the-counter drug advertising by Denise DeLorme,

Jisu Huh, Leonard N. eid & Soontae An

The authors' suggestions for further research are rather climatic in this article. The authors pose nine questions to the readers and those questions serve as possible directions future research could go. Out of these nine questions, the two areas that speak the…

Marketing Men's Attire in New York City
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Business Plan for Tailoring Workshop Company: A Tailor Shop on Wheels

This business plan is for the Tailoring Workshop Company (hereinafter alternatively "the company"), a mobile tailor shop for men clothes that will have a Web site and a mobile app available through the Apple Store. The company will focus on tailoring men's suits only. Customers will be able to contact their personal tailor through the company's Web site or via the mobile app, but there will be no physical brick-and-mortar facilities or retail outlet. Customers will be able to create a free online account that enables them to explore all fabric choices and design collections so they can select the combinations that most appeal to them. The mobile app and Web site will facilitate changes so that customers can instantaneously visualize the results of their choices. In addition to using the company's available designs, customers will also be able…


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men's store bows to age, fashion trends. Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL), 1.