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The children also rent decorated bikes to ride around town on for the holiday. It is a time for families to get together and celebrate with food and music and fellowship.

For a lot of families from working neighborhoods, Eid celebration also includes picnics in green areas including parks, zoos, botanical gardens and even green islands on major roads (Osama, 2004)."


Most of Egypt is Islam. Like Christians, the Islam followers trace their roots to Abraham and believe in one God who is universal. In Islam God is referred to as ALLAH which means One Universal God.

The Quran is the final revealed Word of God and provides the complete guide for human behavior. Its text was revealed directly to the prophet Muhammad between 610 and 632 C.E. Muhammad is revered by Muslims as the last of God's prophets but is not worshipped (Ahmad, 2005)."

Men and women are equally allowed to buy land, work and get an education. Men and women are expected to dress conservatively out of respect for public morality.

The Muslim husband is expected to provide for his family while the wife is charged with care of family and household (Ahmad, 2005).

Divorce is allowed and can be initiated by either the wife or the husband though divorce is discouraged. The elderly are protected and cared for by family and rarely put in nursing homes or left to fend for themselves.


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