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First, the strategic crisis leader should use environmental monitoring techniques to identify events that could trigger crises in the future. With numerous potential crises in today's environment, it is essential to be prepared for potential worst-case scenarios such as natural disasters and product failures. Second, the leader should integrate crisis management into the strategic management process so it remains a regular part of the overall strategy-evaluation process. Strategic management is meant to adapt to change and a crisis is a sudden, potentially disastrous change. If the contingency plan for dealing with such a scenario is built into strategic management, then it will be implemented as the changing environment dictates. Finally, the leader should establish a culture that embraces crisis awareness and preparation as a way of life. By disseminating the belief that preparedness is essential, all levels of the organization will be ready to handle a crisis.

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Senior leaders offer guidance in times of crisis. However, they need a team they can work with to deal with the crisis. A team that has a balanced combination of skills can debate the issues and come to the best solution for the company. The top leaders cannot work alone, but need the right people on their side during a crisis. Additionally, senior leaders are responsible for maintaining a long-term vision of the organization that goes beyond the crisis and subsequent recovery. As such, it is the role of the company's top leadership to keep focused on the organization's mission and vision, never losing sight of the big picture. The negativity of a time of crisis is potentially overwhelming. However, if the organization's top leadership does not become enveloped in that aspect, but frames the crisis in the context of the long-term goals of the company,…

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