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Electronic medical records have developed to become an important component of today's health care systems because they lie at the center of computerized health information systems. Actually, the lack of electronic medical systems contributes to numerous difficulties in effective integration of modern technologies like decision support systems into regular clinical workflow. The development of electronic medical records have been fueled by the focus on multi-discipline computerized medical record, paperless, multi-provider, interoperable, and multi-specialty systems by various politicians, health professionals, researchers, and administrators. The development of such a system has been the focus of these stakeholders in the past two decades and has recently become a reality across several countries (Haupt, 2011). The development of electronic medical records emerged from their possibility to make health care safer, better, and more efficient

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The documentation of patient encounters is also critical for archival purposes, especially in situations of disputes. In the previous years, physicians largely resented the task of documentation to a great extent because it detracted them from their basic function of taking care of patients ("History of EMR," n.d.). As these systems have been developed to aid in documentation of physician-patient encounters, EMR have significantly contributed to the delivery of efficient care services.

Nonetheless, physicians are required to be able to document findings and access information quickly in the electronic medical records. This is an important task because patient encounters tend to last for approximately 10 minutes and usually 25% of the time is used in documentation. As a result, physicians should be able to record the patient encounters in about 2 minutes. Physicians need systems with lower cost to purchase and maintain, systems that are highly reliable, always accessible, easy to support, and safeguarded from loss of information. Electronic medical records are systems that enhance…

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