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Ironically, Julian is attracted to Erica whereas Harry is at first put off by her advanced years. Harry states to Julian one day, "I've never seen a woman that age topless before." Julian is surprised, given that Harry is older than Erica.

The prejudices Harry fosters towards older women are due more to his personality than to his age, though. Harry has never allowed himself to cultivate emotional intimacy because doing so represented the death of his virility and masculinity. After the heart attack, Harry naturally came more to terms with his age. On a symbolic level, the heart attack signaled Harry's heart yearning for meaning in relationship. Prior to meeting Erica, all of Harry's relationships were solipsistic.

As Harry falls in love with Erica, he softens and his heart opens. Love is a transformative power, and the film highlights different types of love at different stages of life. Harry comes to realize the difference between shallow relationships cultivated for status and egotistical purposes and the depth of intimacy he can experience with someone like Erica.

It is not just that Erica is a more mature woman than Harry is used to; it is because Harry finally sees past the mere desire for arm candy. Therefore, views towards love, sex, and relationships are ultimately the same across the generations. The young characters in Something's Gotta Give have a gender equal view towards relationships. Instead of the fear of commitment that Harry experiences, the younger characters genuinely crave emotional intimacy regardless of their gender. Julian proves that the young do not necessarily only think about sex, and Harry proves that older adults have not necessarily lost their taste for…

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