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¶ … Emotions Quantitative Research Design

In order to design a quantitative research project it is necessary to identify the necessary components of a quantitative design. Quantitative design requires proving hypotheses based on numerical and statistical analysis. The formulation of these designs must adhere to certain mathematical principles making them valuable in some aspects of the research. Quantitative research requires that the populations being sampled are random and adhere to scientific inductive reasoning principles.

The general area of research for my topic of emotional issues within student/teacher relationships places a unique challenge on a quantitative design formulation. Emotions are inherently abstract and provide a certain amount of gray area discussion to truly understand how this abstract idea impact education and science in general. To formulate a quantitative design research project that can be associated with this project requires a certain approach to the topic that can identify certain and true mathematical relationships between arguments.

Hypothesis: Emotional support programs in middle schools provides assistance in student outcomes.

In order to support this hypothesis, it is necessary to gather empirical evidence to support such claims before designing a research problem from scratch. There is much good research started that merely needs to be explored and expanded upon in order to preserve...


Reviewing the appropriate literature is an appropriate first step in gathering an understanding of the problem. Once this gathering of data is complete a more formulated idea of research project can be design. To research this hypothesis it is necessary to choose a type of research design. Survey provides the best and most appropriate manner in which to investigate the aforementioned hypothesis. Surveys provide excellent means of gathering information and providing sources of data that can be inferred for many different aspects. The most important aspect of this design is asking the correct questions. Asking the right questions is key to unveiling the answers necessary to determine the answer to the research question.

Once the survey has been properly designed the data can be gathered and then manipulated to find the necessary relationships that relate to the original hypothesis. It is of great importance to keep in mind the assumptions that are made during each statistical manipulation of the data. Assumed premises must be revealed as much as possible in these types of design to help allow the numbers tell the story. Using the gathered data and linking logical arguments that can be explained by these statistical manipulations must be addressed, recorded and eventually blessed by a committee of peers in order for it to be validated and accepted as research.

Qualitative Research Design

Any real research must include some subjective qualifications in order to communicate results and recommendations. Qualitative research allows the researcher to find and identify new relationships as they exist subjectively. Qualitative research explores the depth and detail of a subject and finds new opportunities for expression. It is…

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