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Job Analysis and Competency Modeling

Literature has shown that just like the skills, knowledge and competencies required for success differ from position to position, the methodologies for determining the specific KSAs required for success also differ. For instance, whereas administrative and clerical positions require one to conduct a local job analysis alone to determine the required KSAs, supervisory and executive positions would call for the development of a competency model in addition to a local job analysis. For an administrative position, therefore, the methodology for KSA determination would basically include analyzing the requirements of the position under changing business environments (based on information presented in books and other business-related literature), and then determining the knowledge (say university degree or relevant certification) and skills (the least amount of experience) that an incumbent would require at entry to be able to execute the duties and responsibilities of that particular position. This methodology is...


Some managers will opt for the latter and others for the former, and there cannot, therefore, be a one-fit strategy for the full validation of requirements (Reed, McCloy & Whetzel, 2010).

This model, though simple, may not work effectively with supervisory and managerial positions. In such cases, competency modeling would be used in addition to local job analysis to determine the required KSAs. In this case, the methodology would be more complicated, involving i) analysis of the job/position under changing business environments (just as is the case with administrative positions); ii) identification of effective and ineffective behaviors through leadership-based theory (analysis of cognitive and effective leadership skills required); iii) analysis of gathered data and formulation of competency model combining all the relevant skills and competencies), and iv) validation of the appropriateness of the developed model (Schmit & Strange, 2010). Unlike the methodology used in the case of the administrative position, this one is competency-based, allowing the manager to assess a candidate's suitability to the position in a holistic manner, and not just based on their experience and educational qualification. Towards this end, the methodology is also suitable for use in the determination of KSAs for entry-level positions because then the incumbents are new to the organization, and it is more reasonable to assess them from a holistic perspective; that is, in terms of…

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