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Employee Satisfaction with a Company's Review Process

The following research examines the reason for a decline in employee satisfaction regarding the review process at XYZ, Inc. The results of the survey revealed that sample biases may have confounded the results and that the survey will have to be re-administered to reflect the true attitudes and results of the preliminary research leading up to the current survey. The result showed a high degree of satisfaction with the quality and quantity of management feedback. The results of this survey are inconclusive and further research will need to be conducted to eliminate the possible effects of sample bias.

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Chapter II

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Figure 1. Organizational Chart of XYZ, Inc.

Chapter I



XYZ Inc. is a diversified, multinational company operating on a global scale in more than thirty countries, yet privately owned. It is deservingly considered to be a leading player in each of its main business segments of the packaged goods industry including: pet care products, main meal foods, organic food, snacks, soft drinks, electronics, and information. In each continent and in every unit company uses standard performance review form.

A certain degree of employee dissatisfaction has been discovered by using this review form. Employee dissatisfaction levels have been rising for some time. Employee dissatisfaction can lead to drops in production, employee longetivity, increased job stress, and consequentially a higher absence rate. This factors all have a negative financial and moral impact on the company and have the potential to jeopardize XYZs position in the packaged goods industry.

In this project analysis of the current performance review process will be conducted through use of historical data and a questionnaire distributed to the group of employees. The purpose of this project is to evaluate and analyze the current situation at the XYZ Incorporated and to propose a solution for recently discovered concerns over employee satisfaction. In the form of the report. After evaluation, possible causes will be determined and recommendations for improvement will be made.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to evaluate and analyze the current situation at the XYZ Incorporated and to propose a solution for recently discovered concerns in the form of a report. This report has raised interest from one of the highest-level Personnel managers of XYZ Inc. Upon completion the report and recommendations will be presented to himself and other Human Resources managers. The report will identify major problems in manager/employee relationships, determine possible causes, and suggest corrective actions that should be taken to rectify the situation. Due to the time constraints, results of the taken actions will not be reported.

Statement of the Problem

The management structure at XYZ, Inc. consists of six levels of management with varying amounts of responsibility within the company. On average each manager has three to six people reporting into them and has to do performance reviews every six months for each person. In return, each employee would give feedback about their past months' development plan, how well it was managed, as well as their scalar's management style. This two way feed back in the hallmark of success at XYZ, Inc. It institutes the priniciple of Total Quality Management (TQM). Two way feedback has had the effect of maintaining a high level of Quality and job satisfaction at XZY, Inc. In recent year-and -- a half employee feedback has been more negative than in the past with a ratio of 3,2:1. This increased ratio is of great concern to the Personnel Department, which advocates the policy of mutuality in business relationships. The mutuality principal is among the number of the concepts inherent in the TQM protocols implemented at XYZ. This policy states: "A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure."

Mutuality describes the standard to which everyone at XYZ Inc. aspires to achieve in all our business relationships. Enduring success is best built by sharing benefits: we want everyone to benefit from their contact with XYZ. Our associates make mutuality work in practice by their commitment to help all our shareholders succeed and their efforts are well rewarded by fair dealing.

One of the prinicple components of the policy is fair and honest feedback between managers and employees. This forum provides a tool with which to measure how the success of the principle of mutuality. The semiannual performance review form serves as a primary measurement tool. The current company management set a standard of 2,4:1. This means that no more than every 2,4 employees should indicate that they are not satisfied with the developmental plan and amount of feedback they receive from the line manager. The following research resulting report will attempt to find the causes of the current trend and suggests solutions to alleviate the problem.

Significance of the Problem

The concern is that the current trends in feedback satisfaction is an indicator of employee dissatisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key in motivating employees to do their best. A drop in employee satisfaction could hinder the productivity and profitability of the company. It is important to determine the causes of this drop in satisfaction, so that it can be stopped before a measurable negative impact is seen in the overall company performance.

Research Category

Descriptive research will be used for this study. It is an appropriate method for the following reasons: currently existing situation will be described; past 5 years' performance reviews will be used and new survey will be conducted. In addition, when the specific problems and causes are identified, the material could be used for future experimental research. The research will describe the current situation and the factors that have led to it and allow for the formation of solutions.

Project Summary

The purpose of this project will be to determine the causes of a recent drop in employee satisfaction with the amount and type of feedback that they are receiving from their line managers. It will rely on historical data as well as a new survey. These techniques will be used to produce a report that entails the scope of the current situation, the causes that have led to the current situation and will suggest ways in which these problems can be rectified.

Major activities in the project will entail a review of semiannual review forms for the past five years. It will also involve the administration of an employee survey to determine the scope and causes of the current problem. Statistical analysis will be performed on past and current survey results in the hope of discovering the reason for the recent reversal in employee attitudes.

The evaluation plan will first entail identification and quantification of the problem. This will be accomplished through the employee survey. It is expected that certain trends and patterns will emerge through the survey. These trends will help to define the problem. Once the problem is defined, then past semiannual reports will be examined for the emergence of the problem or problems found in the survey. Particular attention will be paid to the timing of the beginning of the current trend to determine if it correlates with any particular even in company history. The types of events that will be closely observed will be the adoption of new policies, or a change in upper management, or perhaps a change in company policy. If a correlation to any particular event or policy is found, then the options for rectifying the situation will be explored. The results of this study will be presented in a report to the Human Resource Managers and staff.

Positive Reinforcement vs. Reverse Psychology in workplace

Pygmalion Effect in Manager / Employee Relationships)

The purpose of this project is to determine to what degree Pygmalion effect has on worker's productivity, loyalty, and satisfaction with their job at XYZ, Inc.

XYZ, Inc. has always prided itself in its dedication to employee satisfaction and in promoting a cooperative work environment between management and employees. The key to the success of this program has been through the use of mutual feed back through a formal semiannual review system between employees and managers. Recent semiannual reports have indicated a drop in employee…

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