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I was able to see the patience and love that Jane has extended to my children. She very patiently taught my youngest child all his shapes and colors during his eighteenth month.

Jane's effort in teaching my children was manifested in ways more than one. My middle child showed drastic improvements in her reading level. She even jumped two reading levels in just one year! My eldest daughter, on the other hand, was able to excel in soccer and in school as well. I must say that my children have become the well-adjust persons that they are now through Jane's help.

One of the best things that Jane did for my family, especially for my children was helping them during one of the toughest times of their lives. In 2006, my children lost their mother. Jane's presence got them through this grieving process. She was not just their nanny, nor just their teacher, but more importantly she became the mother they lost. She generously provided a mother figure for my children. She was there for them during their rough times tirelessly providing her presence, making them feel that everything will be okay, and offering them advices. She was able to significantly contribute to the personality development of my children by giving them a solid sense of security. Because of Jane's help, the effects of such difficult experience (their mother's passing) that my children have gone through became manageable. Despite the loss, my children were still able to excel in school. They received scholastic achievements, particularly, in reading comprehension and mathematics. When my children were placed back to state school after she left, they were academically very well ahead of their age group. She left us this December to pursue her college endeavors.

These stories cannot even justify the greatness Jane has shown to my family. She was a good role model to them. She gave my children a kind of character that they can look up to. She was kind and loving, generous and patient.

My family surely misses her. It is through this recommendation letter that I wish to express to her the deepest gratitude I have for everything that she gave to my family. The children and I have nothing but high praises to her. We wish her nothing but the best in her college aspirations. We also wish her the best of luck in the bright future ahead of her.…

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