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3%, which is significantly less than what is being demanded.

Solar energy that causes less pollution than coal-based energy is not used as often as we should because it cannot be created with as much ease as the latter source. In order to translate solar power into electricity, greater power generation prowess is to be utilized. This is what has led to decreased use of renewable sources. Everywhere we see, the energy that we are consuming is coming from sources other than sun and wind. Interestingly while rapidly vanishing reservoirs of energy are easier to produce, they cannot be replenished with ease and the exact opposite is true for renewable sources.

Our government doesn't have a proper energy policy while it has many plans to conserve energy, which...


The failure is grounded in its cursory interest in the subject. The government needs to understand that apart from producing more energy, we also need to protect our environment from detrimental effects of energy production. We definitely need to exploit renewable sources more thoroughly than we have done hitherto but it must be done keeping in view the impact of energy production on the environment. Burning of fossil fuels cannot possibly be beneficial to our trees, nature and birds. In order not to harm them any further and also protect our ozone layer, we must depend more on solar, hydrothermal and wind as our sources for energy. This will help us in discovering an amaranthine reservoir while also providing the much-needed respite to our beautiful surroundings.


Energy Challenges facing the United States:

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Energy Challenges facing the United States:

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