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HR Strategies on Recruitment and Selection

This following study identifies the necessary steps followed in carrying out recruitment and selection of employees in an organization. It is a consultancy work done Traci Goldman at Atwood and Allen Consulting for Bradley Stonefield's business. The main work at hand is to select and recruit the appropriate workers for the company concerning the occasioning of better terms of service delivery. Besides, the series of advice from human resource management is essential in every organization: turnover should be a reason for worry among the management.

Recruitment and Selection Strategies

In an organization, recruitment of employees is a lengthy and detailed process. This is because it considers both the experience and the passion of the employees before being recommended for work. This was witnessed in the work of Traci Goldman concerning the task assigned to it by the client, Bradley Stonefield. This conduct bordered on making the company is in a good


The management in this company was faced with a challenge of having to handle the expansive issues of managing diverse talents in the company.

Recruitment strategies that lead to the success of the company are based relate to the selection of the right people to do the work provided. This happens through the articulation of the exact problems faced by the management and possible solutions. Traci based its recruitment procedures on the ability of the employees to meet the tasks. The first step was to base the recruitment on the career qualifications for the job. Secondly, the recruitment exercise was also based on the ability of the candidates to devote their time and resources to the results (Goss, 2012).

The problem of employee turnover is best handled by establishing the cause of dissatisfaction among the employees. This relates to the consideration of the possible solutions to the same problem, the aim being to give the employees what they want as a strategy of retaining them. The advent of the solutions the touch on the employees was started by human resource theorists, who intended to have, means to maintain the workforce intact (Dessler, 2010). Some of the ways in which the management can reduce the increasing turnover, now standing at an annual rate of 10, is to afford a good pay and conducive terms of service. The employment circle is built on the ability…

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