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Diversity Profile and Plan -for a public or non-Profit organization.

Description and Overview

In the current scenario, the U.S. workforce has turned out to be more diversified than any time in U.S. history. Efficiency and effectiveness today can be gauged from how employers manage and handle this diversified workforce. The current demographic shift has been caused by the growth in not only Asian but also African-American, as well as, Latino communities. Growth amongst the Caucasian White community has been comparatively slow. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that white population will decrease from 83.1% in 1980 to less than 53% in 2050 as a fraction of the whole population. Similarly, African-American will be 16%, Latino will be 23% and Asian and Pacific Islanders will turn out to be 10% by 2050 (Riccucci and Pynes, 2002).

In the current scenario, the HRDMP (Human Resource Diversity Management Plan) is a proposal for the Albany School District (ASD) and serves as an active document which is designed to stimulate the plan of increasing the organizational capacity, promoting the diversity management principles, and guide practices and decisions which effect equal opportunity.

Diversity in the management is an important aspect that covers policies, practices and system. The opportunities and challenges in managing the processes and people effectively arise more and more with the increase in the diversity of workforce. To document and convey feedback we will evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments, as required. With the help of HRDMP, it is feasible to provide and identify diversified challenges and lay focus of management on them in a systematic manner.

The main purpose of the HRDMP is to create such ways for ASD that by adopting these ways ASD will be a firm. This strategy will empower the agency to assess, monitor and measure the diversity management progress. HRDMP only develops the expectations, and the staff and managers must be involved for the progress of the agency. Senior management, being the trend setters by following the procedures, nurtures such behaviours which help an inclusive and diverse workplace resulting in a more confident staff, who will follow their lead to a substantive progress. The organizational capacity of ASD will increase with the help of successful management of diversify workplace hence, aiding in achieving the mission of the agency.

ASD has a policy that nurtures the equivalent opportunity for its employees and to encourage principles of the diversity management that help in enhancing the level of efficiency and effectiveness of ASD's programs. The objective of strategic business is to seek an increase in the capacity of organization in any workplace making it one of important the concepts of diversity management. Moreover, in such workplace contributions made by all employees are valued and recognized. The core goal of ASD revolves around the formation of a diverse workforce having high-performance skills built on the foundations of trust and mutual acceptance. ASD's policy also aims at recruiting the best possible candidate for the job irrespective of their gender, age, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and any other factors which are not relevant from the merit perspective.

The development of a Human Resource Diversity Management Plan is supported by the senior management and the Commission. This helps in making suitable measures for documenting the extent to which agency has achieved its diversity management initiatives and objectives. It basically shows a systematic approach for ensuring sustained progress in the attainment of its diversity management goals, promotion of a discrimination-free environment and provision of equal opportunities to all employees for the effective utilization of their diverse talents.

Section 2: Description of the current work environment

Vision Statement: ASD is an agency catering its employees with equal opportunities for success and valuing them well for enhancing the organizational capacity for attaining the mission of the agency.

ASD's Commitment to Diversity Management:

The paper focuses on prioritizing diversity management for all managers, executives and employees which eventually enhances ASD's ability to carry out its mission. The diversity management strategy of ASD commits managers,...
...ASD's goals consider all the employees in supporting the Human Resource Diversity Management Plan and the objectives pertaining to it. As ASD is committed towards employing highly qualified, diverse, dedicated and effective workforce, the pursuing of this commitment compels it to incorporate new techniques for motivating its employees and developing its staff skills.

The agency aims at building a dedicated, talented and diverse workforce, by educating its employees regarding the core principles of diversity management. It also aims at improving the communication throughout ASD. The agency is also working on motivating the employees to their highest level, in order to acquire the best possible contributions from them. The agency encourages employees to portray their views and suggestions regarding the achievement of organizational and program goals without having retribution threat. In addition to this, the agency advocates respect for individual differences and selection of appropriate candidates regardless of their race, creed, religion, sex and other non-merit factors.

Role of HR Leadership

(Managers and Supervisors)

Leaders are entrusted with the responsibility of fostering desired behavior and leading changes for ensuring that all organization systems, practices and policies are responsive to changes. Leaders need to assure that workplace is inclusive and diversity management principles are well integrated into the organizations operations.

Role of All Employees

Support the principles of diversity management;

Employees are required to respect others in terms of differences and similarities in views, styles and backgrounds. Employees are required to participate well in agency's efforts for fostering greater organizational effectiveness and efficiency by applying the diversity management principles effectively.

Initial Approach

The agency's initial approach towards the establishment of comprehensive diversity management goals and measures is depicted via this Human Resource Diversity Management Plan. It allows for specifically reviewing the accomplishments of the agency at regular intervals. The Plan incorporates up-to-date information of ASD's internal environment and reevaluation is expected to occur every 3 years or as per the needs.

Present steps to improve diversity

Agency leadership basically involves accurately measuring the achievements of the agency as it seeks to achieve its diverse objectives. There have been many recent developments in this particular field, such as employing diversified applicants that led to a much higher diversified pipeline for top management positions, as well as providing them with leadership seminars helped upgrade the capabilities of applicants for senior jobs. It became much easier to assess accomplishments once the upgraded EEO and Management standards were implemented in the performance management system of the Senior Executive Service.

Discuss the role of diversity in achieving organizational objectives

Diversity management principles are present in ASD's Performance Plan, Organizational Values, Management system, SES Performance, Human Capital Strategic Plan and also in the Affirmative Employment Plan. Through this integration process, diversity management becomes the main requirement of an agency's business, the daily operations and also in planning procedures.

The main objectives of agency-wide diversity management of the following plan ensure that the main focus is on the staff and management. Various strategies are made at office level in order to support agency diversity management system and also help in achieving goals of diversity management throughout the agency. Therefore, all offices draw particular strategies in their firm's operating plans to easily assess their organizational as well as diversity management requirements. The achievements on the agency-level are commonly monitored by HR (Human Resource) department and SBCR (Small Business & Civil Rights) in order to effectively evaluate the development and progress gained on regular basis in the form of reports. These both departments, HR and SBCR, develop the verification and validation strategies for the outcomes recorded in HRDMP.

Identify the goals

Following are the main objectives and performance measures traced at the agency-level of HRDMP:

Goal 1 - Recruit diverse employees at all levels.

Goal 1 - At all levels, diversified employees should be hired.

Outcome Measure - The diversity of newly hired employees at the ASD is then compared with the national labour market based on Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) data.

Goal 2 - In order to develop and maintain diverse employees the organization should provide a platform in which the differences are valued.

Outcome Measure 1 - Retention rates of agency given by demographic group must be compared with the external retention rates.

Outcome Measure 2 - The outcomes of the survey done to know the employee satisfaction level by the demographic group is compared to the outcomes of ASD's entire workforce.

Goal 3 -Diversity must be increased in the employees in both high and low managerial positions.

Outcome Measure - Laws regarding minorities' representation and women workers in senior as well as other managerial positions must be fulfilled consistently.

Links to Key Planning Systems

The integration of diversity management with the ASD key planning system is discussed in detail below:

What measures can be taken to ensure that the work environment is inclusive?

The organizational values of ASD provide a proper guideline to enhance individual conduct and decision-making…

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